Jaida M.


It may sound astounding coming from a teenager like me, but the world would be better without the invention of Smartphones. I’m sure if you ask other teens with smartphones how they would feel if you took away their phone, they would say: “no way!” but you have to look at the bigger picture. We went from having no phone at all, to hand held computers. There is much more where that came from. The reality is: smart phones are making the users ignorant of social life and opportunities. 

The first mobile phone was invented strictly for making and receiving calls. They were brick like devices that didn’t have nearly as much as the smartphones that we use today. People that grew up in the 60’s dreamed of the technology that we have now. They’ve seen things like video-chat and mobile watches on television and never imagined it to come to life. However, little did they know, these modern advancements are controlling our brains.

Smartphones are very prominent in today’s society. The areas that are mostly impacted by smartphones are business, education, health, and social life. Smartphones provide leeway. Instead of going out to buy an mp3 player, camera, game, radio, computer or GPS, it’s all packed into the smartphone. They make you mentally lazy. Instead of using your brain to recall information, we are trained to pick up our phones and search it. Therefore, it takes away from our cognitive skills. Smartphones also takes away from the social piece of life. Today, if there were a room full of teenagers, chances are, most of them would be on their phones instead of engaging in a conversation with each other. Instead of meeting up, we use group messaging. Consequently, smartphones forces people to be socially awkward. 

People are so addicted to being behind their screens that it turns into a hiding spot. Cyberbullying is an ongoing problem in the world. The invention of smartphones has made it easier for people to say whatever they want, no matter how harsh, over the internet. No one knows who they are, so it’s hard to stop them because the person is hiding behind one of millions of screens in the world.

The advancement of Smart Phones has much more in store. They will continue to poison our brains with new technology constantly. The children born into this technology are really in for a treat. They never got to experience the evolution of phones in the 90’s. They are born into the brain poisoning technology that we have today.

Smart Phones have changed the world drastically. People focus so much on a screen that they don’t have much of a social life. Personally, I love my smartphone. However, this essay urged me think about how modern technology has changed the world in an impactful way. Smartphones, or any phone, are not essential to life. We could go a day without them. The evolutions of smartphones have taken over the world: not biologically, but culturally.