Imani B.

Most electronic devices that have been created are great inventions because they are designed to make our lives easier. For example, cellular phones help us to communicate with each other so much faster and more efficiently than ever before. Although some electronic inventions have had a major impact on the advancement of society, other electronic inventions are simply slight improvements but are not serving a true beneficial purpose in our lives.  

One example of an electronic device that we can live without are tablets such as iPads. We already have computers, laptops, cell phones and iPods. These inventions have allowed people to create documents, compute figures and communicate through voice, texting and emails via the internet. We can also play games and download all types of Microsoft Office applications. Over time these devices have been modified to be as sleek and portable as possible. This makes them capable of being taken anywhere and used anytime. Therefore, most of these items such as cell phones are carried around by most people, at least most Americans, all the time. The tablets are just another version of a computer or cellphone, except it cannot be used as a telephone. Since most people carry their cell phones with them the majority of the time, there is no need to carry a tablet. If cell phones, laptops, and computers can do the same thing, that is more than enough. People would not miss tablets because we have many similar electronic inventions.

Another electronic device recently invented that we can do without is the smartwatch or iWatch. The time of day is already available on so many devices that people have around them all day such as cell phones, computers and even inside your car. People seem to be wearing watches less and less so to invent a device that is declining in use and has the same variety of functions as your cell phone and computer seems redundant. The smartwatches are not cheap, costing between $300 to $500 dollars and there is even a $10,000 gold smartwatch available. Not to mention, considering a watch is deemed as a piece of jewelry, they are not even fashionable. Many inventions like the tablets and smartwatches are invented just for marketing and to make money rather than to actually make our lives better.

Many electronic inventions are unnecessary and repetitive. Just because it seems new does not mean it actually is a new invention. For example, the iPad Pro is just a larger iPad. Consumers are stock piling newer versions of the same device, rather than benefitting from an actual new invention.  

In conclusion, while the original devices, such as computers and cell phones, may be genius, many newer versions such as iPad Pro and iWatches are inventions the world would be better off without. But inventors should always keep trying. You never know when you may stumble on a new invention that changes the world such as automobiles and the internet.