Hope-Marie O.

Envision. There is a fairly large city that is fully alive, filled to the brim with thousands of civilians living out the rhythmic course of everyday life. Young businessmen walk to various business meetings, mothers push their strollers to the store, the elderly sipping on coffee at tables, and young children playfully skipping down the sidewalks with one another. All of these individuals living their routines, when a flash of light and deafening sound disrupt this, their lives forever changed. This scenario is similar to the events that took place on that fateful day, August 6, 1945, in the city of Hiroshima in the wake of World War II, all due to one invention, a bomb. The bomb, specifically the atomic bomb, is the direct reason to which this mass destruction can be attributed to. With this in mind, one invention that the world would be significantly better without is the bomb, because it can be attributed to a massive death toll, affects countries’ relations, and has detrimental effects on humanity’s health and environment. 

The bomb has a drastic effect on people. In Hiroshima’s atomic bombing alone, 80,000 civilians were killed. 80,000 who were mothers, fathers, children, co-workers, and friends who all had their lives taken. Families were torn apart, all due to this war invention. 

The bomb has also cause global dispute. One example is in the 1950’s, with the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. At the time, the United States had developed the atomic bomb, but both wanted to see who could create the biggest bomb. The competition breed the hydrogen bomb, and the imminent use of bombs in a global war. This resulted in the Cold War, the sensitive relations between both countries. At the heart of it, bombs were the cause of tension between two countries and possible war.

The invention of bomb has been linked to having damaging effects on the health of people and to the environment. Radiation from bombs can lead to mutations within cells in the body, leading to tumor growths or even fatal cancers. Excess exposure of radiation from bomb detonation can also cause birth defects or abnormalities in body extremities. Bombs also have an effect on the environment. The radiation from a bomb can leave an area with unlivable levels of radiation for an extended period, scorches landscapes, levels buildings, and ultimately causes destruction of everything.

The bomb is one invention that our world today would be better without, because it can be attributed to loss of life, affects the global relations, and affects the health of people and the environment. The bomb is one invention that can be seen as a tool at the time, but a tool capable of massive destruction. A “tool” that our world is better off without. Perhaps, our world can reexamine the essence of the invention of the bomb and turn to other alternatives that aren’t sources of destruction and would work towards peace.