Holly F.


When you think of inventions, the first that pop in to your mind may be the telephone, the light bulb, computers, or the Internet. Inventions are intended to make our lives easier by providing solutions to our problems. With these solutions, we find positives and negative. 

I believe our world would be better off without the invention of alcohol. In my opinion, it's negative effects outweigh the positives. Alcohol is meant to be something people can jump to as a relaxer, away to escape from troubles of living, or avenue to easily find a good time. But much too often, it is abused, and can lead to truly tragic consequences. The more alcohol you consume, the less of an effect it has on you, which can lead to alcoholism, and ultimately death over a small significant amount of time. The creation of alcohol has brought about countless tragic deaths most commonly relating to drunk driving, which at times, punishes innocent victims. Additionally, alcohol has been the cause of unpleasantry within families. It can increase the likelihood of abuse, neglect, and overall negativity in the place where people should be able to find comfort and support. I can lost both of my grandfathers to alcoholism, so I can connect with the many innocent victims alcohol has affected. 

In conclusion, I think our world would be a much better place if alcohol had never been invented. We would be sacrificing a popular party aid, but isn't it worth it to save lives and heartache in the long run? Alcohol is more of a menace to society than a savior. So ultimately, our world would be a completely different place with its absence.