Holle W.

I wonder what Law states that men can’t cry or that women have to do the dishes. Oh wait there isn’t one. This is an invention of human beings. I believe the world would be better off without the invention of gender roles. Gender roles have done nothing for society but widen the gap between men and women, to the point where in women are payed less than men for equal work. Instead of gender roles we should have an open platform where men and women are equal. Men can wear dresses and makeup without being labeled as gay and women can be equal to men. I personally support the boys in crop tops movement that has been gaining momentum in the past couple of years, clothes have no gender and if someone feels comfortable enough to wear a crop top I believe they should. Men aren’t superior to women but in this culture that is what is generally accepted. A woman is supposed to be married with children, serve her husband, and be lady like. These are unrealistic, not every woman wants to be married let alone have children. There is nothing wrong with women being independent. As for men don’t have to be married, he doesn’t need a woman. People can be completely independent. The idea of roles for specific genders has been around for centuries. In ancient Greece women were only in the domestic scene women barely left the house. But as the centuries have progressed women have started participating in society more and more. Women hold the same positions as men, own similar cars, and homes, yet women still aren’t equal. In our modern world the roles have been condensed, no longer are women expected to stay home and take care of the kids, but in place of that she is expected to be super mom: taking her children to all their appointments, there practices and take care of the home. These are still unrealistic roles for women as they can’t be in a million places at once. For men roles are similar, Men are to be the man of the house, they are to be tough, and a handy man. These are also unrealistic as not every man is good with tools or is tough. Men can be pretty soft and that is okay. It’s okay to cry. I do feel as the next generation we are trying to move away from these roles and be equal with each other. As young people realizing that we don’t have to be like our parents, or what society tells us to be. More and more people are looking internally. People should be able to do whatever they want no matter if it’s associated with the other gender. To be truly equal and free of the boxes that have been put on us for so long.