Hanna R.

If there was one word to sum up our current generation, it would undoubtedly be “narcissism”. From a young age, we were told that we are all special and beautiful, and that the world owes us kindness. We are the children who got participation medals despite the fact that we got last place, and yet somehow thought we deserved it. Our parents fostered the mentality that everyone's a winner, and we have matured into adulthood still believing it. Now as young men and women we think that everyone is genuinely interested in all aspects of our lives and every mediocre thought that runs through our minds. This is why social media has become so overwhelmingly popular. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are full of people spewing their ridiculous opinions that they truly think the world would be better off for knowing. Pictures of random peers are littered across news feeds, maybe paired with some attention seeking caption like, “wow I look so ugly today”, which of course comes with dozens of comments reassuring them that no, in fact, you do not look so ugly today. These social media websites have been aided by what is easily the worst invention ever to be produced by mankind: the selfie stick. Life would be vastly improved if everyone didn’t have to see hundreds of duck-face selfies. Every. Single. Day. Selfie sticks are clearly a cry for help, because the people who own them must not have any friends. Why would they need a selfie stick if they actually had someone to take pictures of them? Maybe we should start a self-help group for selfie stick owners, those poor souls. Also, as the name “selfie” implies, owning a selfie stick makes the ability to take pictures of oneself not only more efficient, but almost a necessity. Thus the endless pictures of your friend’s face a little too close up and wearing a weird expression plastered on the internet for all to see. This generation is an embarrassment. If our egotistical nature wasn’t already evident enough, the selfie stick really drives the point home. There are so many better things to do with your time rather than take selfies; really just about anything. Maybe if everyone just did their homework instead of taking pictures of themselves from different angles, we would be able to invent something that wasn’t completely worthless.