Gabrielle M.

In a world cultivated by technology it is hard to grasp what item is the least important in or lives. The essential tools this generation feeds off are a cell phone, computer, headphones, and money. Forget food, we can have all these items shipped directly to our front door through our Amazon accounts. On the contrary, there happens to be one invention that the world would be better off without. The IPOD.

The IPOD is one of the hundred or thousand hand held device created for easier accessibility to certain domains, outlets, and ultimately music. The IPOD first debuted in the 2001 on the 23rd of October. Apple, one of America’s leading technology companies, created the item in order to add personal media device accessibility to its hub. The IPOD specialized in music, gaming apps, notes, and other technical widgets that were on the market.

As I previously asserted, the IPOD is an invention that is pretty unneeded in the world. Today, the Apple Company has produced over hundreds of new ideas and advances that greatly surpass the IPOD. For example, the IPhone is the most popular branded phone in America. Its functions are the exact same as the IPod except for the calling and messaging features. From an economical standpoint, as citizens we waste our money by buying two of the same products, one of course we use on a more regular basis of course, the phone. Why is it necessary to have possession of a widget that operates as the phone you may already have? This does not have to be an iPhone either, because all smart-phones share identical features, but the brand name is what gears customers to buying one over the other. According to global statistics researched, IPOD sales have fell to a whopping 14.38 million, 2014, compared to its 54.83 million, in 2008. That is a loss over 40 million dollars with one Apple product in a six year time span. Apple sure took a bite out of that one.

Now, as a teenage girl, I love music. My phone makes it possible to listen to it, while multitasking and completing other set objectives. Personally, I would not waste my money and buy an IPOD when I spent over $300 on my phone, which can execute the same jobs and more, at the same rate of speed. Believe it or not, money rules the world. Take it how you want it, but it is true. Why have the IPOD in the world if it is not going to produce as expected. If inventions are created to innovate the world to become more advanced and all-around better, then the IPOD does not emulate that assertion. Therefore, one invention that the world could live without is none other than Apple’s very own IPOD. Take a bite out of this one.