Exavier E-G.

War has been around almost as long as man. It is one of the first things we have invented as a species. A soldier was on his way home after having just fought in the Vietnam, he was on the phone with his parents and told them he wanted to bring a friend to come live with them. His friend was missing an arm and a leg due to a landmine, he had nowhere else to go. After hearing this the soldier's parents said that taking care of the friend would be too great of a burden for them and he should forget about his friend. After hearing this the soldier hung up the phone. A few days later his parents received a call from the police saying their son died falling from a building, the police believed it was a suicide. When the parents went to ID the body they learned it was their son who was missing an arm and a leg. Due to the insufferable toll on human life, the world would be better had war never been invented.

Historically, humans have waged war for countless reason such as religion, land, and money. The Crusades were one example of a religious war, the purpose was to secure access to the Holy Land for pilgrims. The problem was the Holy Land was already controlled by the Muslims. Atrocities were committed on both sides such as the massacre at Jerusalem, the bloodshed was said to be so bad that the crusaders were up to their ankles in blood. During WWII the Hitler committed unfathomable atrocities which led to the deaths of over ten million people, as well as the near genocide of the Jewish people. 

There are innumerable consequences to war some of which can be beneficial such as boosting economies, but more often than not it causes more problems than it fixes. My mother and grandparents left Cambodia to escape from the Khmer Rouge, my mother was plagued by nightmares as a child due to her experience. Though she has gotten over it, the memories scarred her as a child. War may solve a problem a large scale, but it creates smaller problems for individuals.

War could be considered a necessary evil, because there will always be evil people and sometimes war is the only way to stop them. Hitler being one of those people, if the Allies would have never stopped the Nazi more than likely would have taken over all of Europe and the world would be a much worse place. If Hitler never started WWII to begin with countless lives could have been saved. In a way war is part of human nature, so getting rid of it is complicated. That is why if people never created it, the world would be better off.