Djimon C.

I think the world would be better off without cell phones. I know my peers would say I'm crazy, but cell phones are an invention we would really be better off without. Cell phones were invented as a means of communication but they have turned into so much more and may have become a hindrance rather than a help . Cell phones have heightened obesity, created dowagers hump, become a means for cyber bullying , and a cause of deadly automobile accidents.  

People are more often sitting down using their cell phones which cuts off activity that they would normally be engaging in. It really causes people to be lazy and I can attest to that. I noticed that I'm not as active as I used to be. I lay around on my cell phone, I'm constantly using it. I sometimes use the cell phone to call my mom who is only upstairs. We use our cell phone to look up things which means we cut down on our activity of how we would normally get or retrieve this things.  

When we use our cell phones we are always hunching over them or slouching which creates problems with our posture and mood. The hunching in the neck and slouching can cause the dowagers hump in the neck. Because posture affects our mood, it also leads back to depression and obesity. They even have named the posture deformity as the iHunch. It is important that we sit up when using our cell phone and it is even suggested that we always use it at eye level to help us stand up straight and not to curve our neck and back.

Cell phones have caused cyber bullying by allowing communication in a negative, mean spirited, threatening and sometimes violent way. I have read stories were people have taken their lives because of harassment through the cell phone or messages they received on their cell phone and in these cases, I think we would have been better off without a cell phone. Not to mention the texting scandals and the lives that have been ruined or destroyed in texting as a means of communication.

Finally, cellphones have become one of the number one distracters for drivers and have contributed to many traffic accidents and fatalities. Cellphones are an admitted distracter. People are driving and texting, reading text messages, driving and dialing. We are not as focused on the road when we are engaged on our phones. For these reasons and many more I think cell phones are an invention the world would be better off without. We have many more means of communicating and other technology devices that could provide the same information as the cell phone.