Denzel H-M.

The one invention I believe the world would be better without are guns. As of lately, the gun control issue has been a major focus within the United States. With all the recent police brutality and mass shootings it has become a popular topic. Many people including the President of the United States are pushing so that background checks on weapons are more throughout to prevent incidents such as those. And a recent study showed that last year Christmas day, there were 27 Americans killed in shooting incidents. Which is equal to the total number of people killed in gun homicides in Slovenia, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Bermuda, Estonia, Iceland, and Hong Kong, Combined. It amazes me how much guns are commonly used in this country of ours. It has also been shown that having a gun in the household increases the chance of suicide and homicide. However there are those people that say that the only way to protect yourself from a gun is to get a gun, but I feel that phrase in itself is a paradox. That argument reminds me of a quote Gandhi once said which states that “ An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

In my ideal world, there would be no guns, meaning that there would be no argument about how you need guns to protect yourself from other guns. There would be no suicides and no constant need for war, I understand that guns aren’t the only reasons we have wars, but I feel if they weren’t created there would be far less bloodshed spilt in today’s world. And that is why I believe the world would be better off without the invention of guns.