Danielle K.

As the world progresses so do the inventions being created. Some of these create great advancements while others create great destruction. As a lobbyists for a peaceful nation I believe the creation of nuclear energy should be eliminated.

For years people have argued that nuclear power stations are more environmentally friendly than that of the standard thermal station. They feel that as long as precautions are taken nuclear power plants are quit safe. The other aspect of nuclear power are nuclear power weapons. Several people, including President Truman who allowed the first dropping of a nuclear weapon by the US on Hiroshima in Japan, believe that these weapons can keep the peace within nations.

However nuclear weapons are one of the worst applications of human collaboration I have ever seen. In an instant a nuclear explosion reaches a temperature of several million degrees and the resulting heat flash vaporizes all human tissues and organs. The only trace of most people are their shadows burnt into concrete. Some will suffer from fatal burns, others will be blinded and bleeding from glass splinters. A vast majority will have suffered massive internal injuries and be trapped in collapsed and burning buildings. Most emergency services will be incapable of assisting due to destroyed equipment and a lack of alive workers. Ecosystems will be destroyed and what was once a safe environment will be depleted. With little to no effective treatment in upcoming months, only about 15% of people will survive yet they will fall victim to cancer and thousands of women will be prevented from conceiving children.

Imagine this destructive state with flames and gas clouds decorating what was once your home and having your friends and children deteriorating in front of you all because a person of significant power was able to drop a nuclear bomb in a matter of minutes. Who should have the right to destroy a portion of the human race?

Nuclear power in the source of human destruction and depletion. Though it is used in times of war with the intent of peace, it is not a peaceful weapon. With absolutely no positive effects of nuclear bombs nor nuclear power plants, I believe it is one of the biggest inventions the world would be better without.