Brianna W.

The global positioning system, otherwise known as GPS, is one of the worst inventions known to man. GPS is a space navigating system that provides location information, regardless of the weather or time. Three men, Roger L. Easton, Ivan A. Getting and Bradford Parkinson, started the creation in 1973, and in 1995, it became fully operational. First off, with GPS drivers don’t know the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west). Since GPS uses left and right, even with having a compass in the car, it is still difficult to find out which way is north. When I first learned to drive, my mother would often quiz me on what streets were coming up next, which were to the north, south, east and west. Once while driving west on 13 Mile, I thought 12 Mile would be next. Secondly, people follow GPS directions blindly. There are numerous accounts of people driving into swamps, ponds, trees and even a house in news stories. People must know that if the directions don't make sense, to trust their instincts and not follow them. Thirdly, people don't know directions, how to get places on their own. Most drivers have smart phones with GPS. So, it's easy to look up where you want to go and get quick directions. With GPS the driver is more concentrated about when exactly to turn instead of what street to turn on. Plus, why know directions, when you have GPS with you all the time? What happens when the battery dies or your phone malfunctions. Once (soon after I first started driving) I was lost less than a mile from home when the road was closed for a police situation. My phone was dead at the time. Imagine my embarrassment when I had to call home on a stranger's phone and get directions. I've not made that mistake again. Lastly, GPS does not always give the quickest or most up to date route. Normally it gives the most popular one, which can mean traffic or construction. If you get off route to avoid these it often will redirect you back to same route you were trying to avoid. I think GPS is a great invention but it has left most of us directionally challenged. Just think what would we do during a black-out and no one could get directions from their phones?