Austin D.


I have no doubt the world would be better off without Facebook. Facebook has taken many great aspects of life away from those who use it. It has taken away the value of having a good time with friends and family. Instead of people enjoying the present, they are too worried about taking pictures or writing post for everyone on their profile to see how much fun they are having. There are those who post their whole lives on it and those who look at those posts, but both are wasting their time worrying about others or their opinions. People should post less and enjoy the people and the experiences in front of them rather than showing it off to people who have no impact in their life.

Facebook has stripped time spent together between families. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a room with my family and everyone is looking down at their phone. We have the perfect opportunity to talk to each other and incorporate family values but instead we throw our time away into looking at a stupid screen. The worst part of it all is how much time in a day people scroll down their feed and look at the same exact thing over and over again, on average a person in the U.S. spends about one hour on Facebook. I would bet all the money in my wallet that the given statistic will grow to be larger as time goes on. 

Last but definitely not least is what Facebook and other social media sites are doing to our younger generation (5-12 Year olds). With Facebook those middle school bullies can hide behind their phone and say some of the nastiest things ever to each other because they believe they are invincible. My little sister has cried countless times after getting a mean comment on some of her posts and it breaks my heart to see. Children these days will not be able to experience life without Facebook and other social media sites, what it’s like to just be sent outside by your parents to enjoy the hot summer day, drinking water from the hose, and going to the park with their friends. 

The integrity of family values has been destroyed by social media in my opinion. Therefore, I believe the world would be a lot better without it.