Asha M.


Social media is a powerful tool, it can take many different forms. As an aid, social media acts as an educational tool for all ages. Regardless of whether or not you have an account, you can still view different pages including the news and entertainment. As an outlet, social media provides the perfect platform for people to voice their opinion, whether their opinion has any credibility or not is the real question. Social media creates an opportunity for public conversations to occur without people physically seeing each other. The conversations can happen through a screen which sounds bizarre to anyone that is unfamiliar with the phenomenon, but this has become the new norm. As a foundation, many people have found employment through social media. As bloggers, social network managers, etc. Word about different opportunities floats through social media like a butterfly. Many people can act as mediators on social media because many emotions can be displayed. Inexperience with certain topics can be revealed through the words, post, videos, or pictures in the social arena. People with inexperience are taught on first hand to not judge until they step into someone else’s shoes. This statement can attest to the police brutality that defined 2015 with sadness. The brutality did result in a positive movement, #BLACKLIVESMATTER. This movement brings light to the treatment of African Americans, and how the system has crippled African Americans for over 200 years. Social media is rarely new and continues to advance daily. With the fast paced progression of social media comes drawbacks. 

Social media thrives off of its users, they can shape the direction and future of the social network. The power of social media can be extremely personal because all your information can be displayed on your page, but it is up to the user to display what information they choose. Predators have ample opportunity to prey on the innocent or vulnerable. Children are obtaining cell phones as early as elementary school, which gives them the opportunity to create profiles for different social media outlets. Early child development is important for the holistic view of the child. In elementary school, I was reading books, practicing my multiplication tables daily and completing homework. As a result of my parents instilling that school trumps fun, I now have an outstanding work ethic. Social media can be a distraction to people that do not know how to manage their time. The main drawback concerning social media is that people are loosing time face to face. Therefore, communication skills are dwindling because people’s attention is focused on their status in the world of social media. The term “Instafamous” or being famous on Instagram has become a profession and dream for social media users. People have participated in buying followers to obtain there status in social media. Overall, there are many positives to social media, but the negatives can outweigh the positives. I believe that we would be better off without social media because we could create more memories naturally.