Ariell S.

In a world full of luxury items, which can benefit us and harm us, there is one invention that was created centuries ago which has become more and more harmful to our society, this invention is the gun. Guns were simply made to kill. From the time guns were created, the use of them by officials and civilians, and the millions of fatalities per year; there has never been a positive outcome from the use of a gun. 

Originally created in China during the 13th century, guns were created with the intention of being used for battles. Then later, transmitted to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. However, the invention of the gun is one of the many reasons there are so many fatalities in battles back then, and now. If guns were never created, there would be a better chance at nonviolent solutions to nations at war. Of course, there are still many weapons used in battles, but guns are one of the main weapons used. 

In this modern day, guns have been the cause of countless unnecessary murders, and careless acts by people. It is too easy for regular citizens to gain possession of guns. Yes, there are background checks that are done before an individual is sold a gun, but no one truly knows one’s intention when purchasing a firearm. It is understandable that people want guns for protection against other people, but if guns were never created there would be no reason to want a gun for self defense when there are other nonfatal alternatives to use for defense. 

In conclusion, as stated before, guns were created with the intention of causing harm. Instead of promoting world peace and nonviolence, guns are promoting the growth of violent reactions in conflictual situations and the growth of the number of deaths per year due to the use of guns. If guns were never created this world would have a better chance at finding peace amongst our society.