Anika C.


Through the years there have been many inventions. Whether they be good or bad, they were still invented and impacted the world in some way. The worst invention of all time would have to be cigarettes. You are paying a company to kill you. How much sense does that make? None at all if you ask me. There has to be something other than a thin cylinder of finely cut tobacco that turns your lungs black that you can spend your money on. 

Everyone has a choice in what they do. They choose to get tattoos, they choose to eat what they want, they choose to go to work, and they choose to smoke. They choose to waste thousands of dollars to kill themselves faster. According to Cigarette Digest, smoking related diseases kill one in ten adults globally, or cause four million deaths. Four million deaths, four million people decided to smoke their life away, four million people chose to pay a company to kill them faster. Cigarette Digest also says that every cigarette smoked cuts at least five minutes of life average- about the time taken to smoke it. 26.2 million men and 20.9 million women are smokers, which means 47.1 million people have shortened their life for no reason. Say the average smokers smokes one pack a day, that is roughly $8 a day and $56 a week. That is $2,920 a year spent on killing yourself. Most people don't just smoke for a year either. They smoke most of their life. Instead of paying to kill yourself, that money could be spent in so many different and better ways. For example, you could save up and buy a new car, you could save it for a rainy day, or in case something terrible happens and you are covered in medical bills. That cigarette money could go to good use. You could use that money to do whatever you wanted, but you choose to kill yourself with it. Having a grandma that smoked most of her life and ended up passing away because of it, this invention is the worst thing possible in my opinion. 

Something so small can have such a big impact on your life. Something so small can cost you so many things. Not only are you wasting money and killing yourself faster, you are affecting the people around you. You smoke next to someone and now they are inhaling the carcinogens, now they reek of smoke, and now they lost five minutes of their life. Worst thing possible in my opinion.