Angelique V.

A Trashy Invention

As humans we have a knack for inventing things; from the first wheel to modern computers, the possibilities are endless. With so many different minds in our world, unnecessary items are easily created. One of the many widely used inventions that is non-essential to society is the disposable diaper. Of course, these are very convenient for those with children. These diapers allow the user to change the young child and simply throw away the used diaper without a single thought. Unfortunately, with this convenience comes many horrible side-effects; such as polluting our earth and eating a hole in many parent’s pockets. 

It is known that disposable diapers are not very biodegradable. They end up sitting in landfills for years due to their inability to break down easily. After the 500+ years it may take for a single diaper to completely degrade, it still is not done harming the environment. The chemicals that once filled the diaper have now decomposed and become part of the earth. Not only are these chemical filled diapers filling our landfills with toxic waste but, they are not cheap items. 

Large corporations know that the average parent will happily pay more for easier clean up on their end. Between working, taking care of one or more children, as well as having any form of social life, a parent lives for the time saving and user-friendly disposable diaper. These diapers can add up to be over $550 for only the first year.

A common alternative to this is a cloth diaper. These diapers are made of a waterproof exterior cloth while the inner lining is made of very soft cloth; perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.When looking at a toddler that recently had an accident in a disposable diaper, you see the diaper sags and the adsorbent powder becomes sticky on the child’s body causing rashes and other forms of irritation.