Angela H.

Over the centuries, people have come up with inventions that have impacted the world. Some of these inventions have had a positive and negative impact. Many would say that the invention of social media has created a positive impact in the world. But in reality, the invention of social media has created more negative impacts than positive ones. Social media is an invention the world would be better off without. Social media has corrupted the things that make us human beings. It has opened the doors for emotional terrorists to grow and thrive.

Growing up I never experienced somebody being bullying, nor have I really heard about people committing suicide because of being bullied. Not to say that bullying never existed; it was just a rare thing. I guess you can say that back then used to be the “good ole” days. Nowadays, bullying has evolved into something far worse. Bullying has now undergone a rebirth and has taken the form of cyber bullying. Due to the creation of social media, bullying is easier than ever. Now you can torture someone you’ve never even met before. You can talk about someone’s appearance and what they wear no matter how harsh the comment. You can torment people for however long you want; there’s no one to stop you. With every harsh blow a cyber-bully makes, the life of an innocent person ends. Social media has opened up a whole new world for bullies to abuse and inflict pain on others.

With the invention of social media, comes the dehumanization of humans. When we log on to social media we lose the thing that makes us human; the ability to interact with one another. Some of the people we follow on Twitter or Instagram are the same people we see every single day. But for some reason, the only type of interaction we have with them is on social media. But the only thing those interactions consist of are likes, re-tweets, and shares. We never even have a real, genuine conversation with them. When we do see them we find it difficult or hard to interact with them face to face. So we just continue to double tap their updated status. Now likes have taken the form of praise and blocking is the way we show conflict with one another. Instead of talking to resolve the problem we make hateful post towards one another. Due to social media, this is norm of communicating and interacting with one another. 

It’s funny how one invention could cause so much damage by altering the things that make us human. Since when has it become okay to make someone feel bad over and over again? It’s not even human, it’s barbaric. We might as well not even be human. We can’t even interact with each other face to face. If we don’t do something to contain the effects of social media these inhuman acts will continue to thrive in generations to come.