Alexis B.

I believe I am a pretty forward thinker and like I have stated earlier I really love building a sense of community. But one big thing that always seems to down play that is cell phones. Everyone has them and everyone has used them at some point to tune out everyone around them. Sometimes I believe it is so easy for a person to have their cell phone and not be vested in forming true connections and relationships. I love technology don't get me wrong but our generation does not behave like others have as it relates to relationships and friend building. I find myself teaching others how to form genuine bonds and not be tied to a cell phone or online image to define who they are. I want to get back to block clubs and cook outs with the neighbors. It seems today a quick text or call is all anyone wants to do. Taking away cell phones would force people to reconnect again and have an interest in the community around them, not just the one online! Maybe then we can get back to personal hand written letters and friendly visits.