Alana C.

If food is one of the most sustainable products for human survival, then the invention that the world would be better off without is “fast food.” That is food that is designed to be prepared quickly. Why? Because the price we pay now for the convenience of fast food is going to cost us trillions in the long run.

Fast food originated in the United States in 1919 with an A&W and a White Castle to follow in 1921. Between 1940 -1976 a plethora of fast food chains followed. The promise of a quick meal after a long day at work began to lure many families away from the stove and into the drive-thru, and has changed our quality of life forever. What was once reserved for an occasional treat for many families has become a life style.

Fast food chains are robbing families of quality time of preparing and eating meals together. Cooking is becoming a lost art. While parents are constantly buying fast food and not cooking, they are also teaching their unhealthy habits to their children, and essentially creating generational dependency on fast food due to lack of cooking skills. Gone is the family time to share, correct, problem-solve, and uplift. Some of my fondest memories with my parents have been in the kitchen learning to make old, family recipes. Today it is not surprising to see family members by – pass the kitchen, and take their fast food to the room of their choice. I agree with Pope Paul II, “As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the whole world in which we live.”

Take a serious look at no quality family time, and add the following: 1. the lack of table manners and training. Remember, Burger King and other fast food chains do not provide three pieces of flat wear with which to practice table manners, 2. Fast food cost more than home-cooked food, and 3. Fast food impacts the human body negatively.

According to research at the National Institute of Health (Maryland), Francis Crick Institute (London), and The World Health Organization (Switzerland) it is definitive; fast food has less nutritional value, and is full of more additives, fats, preservatives, salts, and sugar than home-cooked food. Whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry and olive oil trump fast food any day.

Also, a regular diet of fast food puts one at a far greater risk for cancer, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. So, as a future cardiologist, I say, “Let’s just get to the ‘heart’ of the matter!” Fast food with its convenience comes with an exorbitant price: loss of quality family time, loss of table manners, and loss of money wisely spent, to mention a few. 

Consequently, the price fast food will cost us over time in broken families, financial instability, medicine, hospital cost, unhealthy children, and deaths fast food is definitely an invention that the world would be better off without!