Aaron P.


When discerning an invention that the world would be better off without, one definitely has to consider the tools of carnage and war. While explaining the gun would be an easy task, since it's been the weapon often chosen for massacres in recent years, they were evolved from tools used for hunting. Since it supports the preservation of life to an extent, the focus will be shifted to another hand-held device. The technology that truly deserves its existence erased is the grenade, the first intentional explosive of war.

Grenades, which were first used in the 16th century, are weapons that use explosions to eliminate the enemy while keeping one at a safe distance. With a small bit of inspiration from catapult, this range changing device brought about the evolution of explosive weaponry. Soon this technique of fighting led to the inventions of landmines and missiles. Eventually, this progress allowed for a wider range of lethal power to be dished out at any moment. The development of the grenade paved the way for the creation of both the Atomic and Hydrogen bombs. With these weapons in existence, nuclear warfare is not only a viable concept but a possible reality. Currently multiple countries have access to this monster of a weapon, the nuclear bomb, to where another world war can result in no victor. Creating the grenade has allowed humanity the ability to wipe out itself if things go awry. 

If the invention of the grenade had never occurred, this lingering threat of world destruction would be nonexistent. The fear of bombings would essentially be a faint possibility in someone’s wildest dreams. The amounts of deaths per year would definitely decrease and people wouldn’t be displaced from their homes as often as populations are in this day in age. In fact, the world itself would probably be more peaceful thanks to the lack of a threat with such devastating power. Having no grenades in the world equals better days for all people.