Hope-Marie O.

Envision. There is a fairly large city that is fully alive, filled to the brim with thousands of civilians living out the rhythmic course of everyday life. Young businessmen walk to various business meetings, mothers push their strollers to the store, the elderly sipping on coffee at tables, and young children playfully skipping down the sidewalks with one another. All of these individuals living their routines, when a flash of light and deafening sound disrupt this, their lives forever changed. This scenario is similar to the events that took place on that fateful day, August 6, 1945, in the city of Hiroshima in the wake of World War II, all due to one invention, a bomb. The bomb, specifically the atomic bomb, is the direct reason to which this mass destruction can be attributed to. With this in mind, one invention that the world would be significantly better without is the bomb, because it can be attributed to a massive death toll, affects countries’ relations, and has detrimental effects on humanity’s health and environment. 

The bomb has a drastic effect on people. In Hiroshima’s atomic bombing alone, 80,000 civilians were killed. 80,000 who were mothers, fathers, children, co-workers, and friends who all had their lives taken. Families were torn apart, all due to this war invention. 

The bomb has also cause global dispute. One example is in the 1950’s, with the arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union. At the time, the United States had developed the atomic bomb, but both wanted to see who could create the biggest bomb. The competition breed the hydrogen bomb, and the imminent use of bombs in a global war. This resulted in the Cold War, the sensitive relations between both countries. At the heart of it, bombs were the cause of tension between two countries and possible war.

The invention of bomb has been linked to having damaging effects on the health of people and to the environment. Radiation from bombs can lead to mutations within cells in the body, leading to tumor growths or even fatal cancers. Excess exposure of radiation from bomb detonation can also cause birth defects or abnormalities in body extremities. Bombs also have an effect on the environment. The radiation from a bomb can leave an area with unlivable levels of radiation for an extended period, scorches landscapes, levels buildings, and ultimately causes destruction of everything.

The bomb is one invention that our world today would be better without, because it can be attributed to loss of life, affects the global relations, and affects the health of people and the environment. The bomb is one invention that can be seen as a tool at the time, but a tool capable of massive destruction. A “tool” that our world is better off without. Perhaps, our world can reexamine the essence of the invention of the bomb and turn to other alternatives that aren’t sources of destruction and would work towards peace.

Ian P.

It is no secret that institution of highschool was one of the greatest inventions man kind has ever contrived. With public schools giving the less fortunate the opportunity to have a basic and higher education. However, i believe that the world would be a much better place without high school. 

As it exsist, there are 2 prevalent definitions of the word "education." The idealistic version of the word is an enlightening experience. However the second and more prominat definition existing in reality is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.

The institutionalized system of education proves to a student that he or she are only worth a number produced by a system of regurgitating information insted of retaining value. Education should be about experiencing your pation and putting your skills to work in a relevant application of your talent. The world would be a better place without the institutionalised system of education.

Denzel H-M.

The one invention I believe the world would be better without are guns. As of lately, the gun control issue has been a major focus within the United States. With all the recent police brutality and mass shootings it has become a popular topic. Many people including the President of the United States are pushing so that background checks on weapons are more throughout to prevent incidents such as those. And a recent study showed that last year Christmas day, there were 27 Americans killed in shooting incidents. Which is equal to the total number of people killed in gun homicides in Slovenia, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Bermuda, Estonia, Iceland, and Hong Kong, Combined. It amazes me how much guns are commonly used in this country of ours. It has also been shown that having a gun in the household increases the chance of suicide and homicide. However there are those people that say that the only way to protect yourself from a gun is to get a gun, but I feel that phrase in itself is a paradox. That argument reminds me of a quote Gandhi once said which states that “ An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.”

In my ideal world, there would be no guns, meaning that there would be no argument about how you need guns to protect yourself from other guns. There would be no suicides and no constant need for war, I understand that guns aren’t the only reasons we have wars, but I feel if they weren’t created there would be far less bloodshed spilt in today’s world. And that is why I believe the world would be better off without the invention of guns.

Myah H.

Every piece of plastic that has ever existed is still with us today.

Once plastic is discarded, over the course of several years it begins to break down into smaller particles that then attract and interact with toxic chemicals, get ingested by wildlife (land and sea), and contaminate our food chain. Today, our oceans and waterways are full of these tiny particles. Sea birds and fish cannot distinguish between plastics and food. When they eat the plastic waste, their bodies are unable to digest it and they eventually die with bellies so full of plastic that no food or water can pass through them.

Plastics are not destroying the environment; it’s our use of plastics that have compromised our health and the planet. Since we know this material can last hundreds of years in the environment, we shouldn’t use it for purposes that last only a few days or, in some cases, seconds. I believe we need to use plastics in our everyday lives but we need to use them more responsibly. Biodegradable, bio-based, or compostable plastics are currently available solutions to the plastics issue however they are not the best options over the long term. The thought of having plastics that will eventually break down into nothing over a span of a few years is attractive but there is a down side to this option. The process of breaking down the petroleum-based bags causes carbon to become methane which is a greenhouse gas.  

Recently we’ve learned of the tragic crisis in Flint, Michigan where untold numbers of people are suffering from lead poisoning stemming from the contamination of the Flint River. Almost instantly everyone started donating bottled water to give the residents a safe alternative to the river water coming through their faucets. While this is the most obvious and immediate solution, the down side is the waste generated from the tens of thousands of plastic bottles that are being shipped to Flint.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, only about 13% of plastic water bottles get recycled, the rest likely end up in landfills. Fortunately, Republic Services, a waste services company, is providing additional resources to Flint in support of the water bottle disposal.

Even though plastic has made a lot of things more convenient, it is one invention that I believe will eventually do more harm than good. The average person uses about 83 bags per year. In a household of four, that is 332 bags! While it is highly unlikely that our dependence on plastic bags will be eliminated any time soon, I encourage everyone that will listen to choose paper over plastic when given the option. Another great option is to use the reusable bags offered at many chains. Or, you could simply take your own bags to the store and use them repeatedly when you bag your own grocery items.

Mason W.

Open Happiness” Coca Cola’s newest slogan, aims for everyone to have a fresh sip of “happiness” that they believe is in their drink. The real question is what exactly is in that happiness? Even though it is a tasty treat that according to the Huffington Post half of Americans drink every day, soda is not the greatest for our health. In fact, soda kills over 180,000 people every year. That is not something people realize when picking up a 20 ounce of Coke or Pepsi from their nearest gas station. These are just a few of the reasons that I believe that soda should be something that was never invented. 

Soda can be found at virtually every store that people can think of and a variety of different flavors and options to choose from. This makes it convenient and easy to drink without really realizing the harmful effects that it can have on a person’s body. Some people even drink more soda than water each day, and that can be a very large sugar intake on a person’s body. A single can of soda contains the same amount as 10 teaspoons of sugar. This then causes very high blood sugar that over time, can lead to diseases such as diabetes. Other problems on a person’s overall health can be affected, and often leads to weight gain. Researchers at Harvard have recently connected soda to obesity. Finding that 12 year olds who drank soda were more prone to being obese than non soda drinkers. Each serving that these kids had each day increased the risk of obesity around 1.6 times. With all the obesity that is present in America soda would be one way to change that. Most soda companies also advertise diet soda as being a healthier alternative to regular soda due to the fact that there is zero calories, however diet soda can be just as bad if not worse than regular soda. All the artificial sweeteners and extra ingredients that replace the already not good ingredients in regular soda can actually be just as bad.

If soda was never invented the world would probably be a much different place, instead having a multitude of sugary drinks to choose from there would be healthier alternatives. People would be healthier and feel better in the process. It would seem like a completely different world without the advertising and large corporations present. If soda was never invented the world would look a whole lot different, but it would change for the better.

I have even personally given up drinking soda for almost the past two years, after drinking a lot of it when I was younger it was hard at first. After the first little bit it gets easier and I have felt so much better in my life without it. While soda may taste good the “happiness” that it contains is definitely something that the world could do without.

Exavier E-G.

War has been around almost as long as man. It is one of the first things we have invented as a species. A soldier was on his way home after having just fought in the Vietnam, he was on the phone with his parents and told them he wanted to bring a friend to come live with them. His friend was missing an arm and a leg due to a landmine, he had nowhere else to go. After hearing this the soldier's parents said that taking care of the friend would be too great of a burden for them and he should forget about his friend. After hearing this the soldier hung up the phone. A few days later his parents received a call from the police saying their son died falling from a building, the police believed it was a suicide. When the parents went to ID the body they learned it was their son who was missing an arm and a leg. Due to the insufferable toll on human life, the world would be better had war never been invented.

Historically, humans have waged war for countless reason such as religion, land, and money. The Crusades were one example of a religious war, the purpose was to secure access to the Holy Land for pilgrims. The problem was the Holy Land was already controlled by the Muslims. Atrocities were committed on both sides such as the massacre at Jerusalem, the bloodshed was said to be so bad that the crusaders were up to their ankles in blood. During WWII the Hitler committed unfathomable atrocities which led to the deaths of over ten million people, as well as the near genocide of the Jewish people. 

There are innumerable consequences to war some of which can be beneficial such as boosting economies, but more often than not it causes more problems than it fixes. My mother and grandparents left Cambodia to escape from the Khmer Rouge, my mother was plagued by nightmares as a child due to her experience. Though she has gotten over it, the memories scarred her as a child. War may solve a problem a large scale, but it creates smaller problems for individuals.

War could be considered a necessary evil, because there will always be evil people and sometimes war is the only way to stop them. Hitler being one of those people, if the Allies would have never stopped the Nazi more than likely would have taken over all of Europe and the world would be a much worse place. If Hitler never started WWII to begin with countless lives could have been saved. In a way war is part of human nature, so getting rid of it is complicated. That is why if people never created it, the world would be better off.

Daziah P.


Depending on whom you ask and their present mental state, the invention of alcohol is either a blessing or a curse. Unlike alcohol, some inventions helped to advance and simplify the world. Some of these inventions like the remote control and the snow blower have simplified our lives.

Alcohol is an invention the world would be better off without. Alcohol is a beverage which contains a substantial amount of ethanol, a depressant which in low doses causes reduced anxiety and in higher doses causes intoxication, lethargy, and unconsciousness. Intoxication can impair brain function and motor skills. Heavy use can increase risk of cancer, stroke, and liver diseases. Alcohol abuse, which can lead to alcoholism, is a pattern of drinking that may result in harm to one's health, interpersonal relationships, or ability to work productively and consistently.

In addition to alcohol causing harm to the body, alcohol is also the cause of many deaths. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, nearly 88,000 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die from alcohol-related causes annually, making it the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States. When people go out to a social gathering, there is a good chance they will consume alcohol. Although there is a law against driving while intoxicated, some underestimate the effects of alcohol and drive while impaired. This poor decision results in car accidents which cause severe injuries and deaths. If it were not for alcohol, many lives could be spared.

There are no benefits to using alcohol. In fact, alcohol use interferes with a plethora of things. It stops people from focusing on their education and arriving to work on time. Many people have difficulty performing when alcohol is in their system. A large number of teens and adults think you are not guaranteed to have a good time unless alcohol is involved, which is not true.

There have been many disastrous incidents related to alcohol use.  There are extremely high reports of traffic fatalities due to driving under the influence (DUI), domestic violence and birth defects that have been linked to alcohol abuse. Therefore, I strongly oppose to the invention of this self-deteriorating drug. Having traffic fatalities is an unfortunate situation, but having the accidents occur by intoxicated by a legal drug is preventable. No one should be a victim to such a horrific act, therefore I believe if alcohol was never invented it would significantly reduce health and safety risk and ultimately make the world safer. Fatalities, abuse and birth defects are major issues that affect society as a whole. We are all affected by alcohol to some degree.

Overall, I feel alcohol abuse is one of the world’s largest problems. Some people may argue that it serves as a stress reliever and provides a sense of relief and disassociation from reality. Although this may be true, I still feel that the negative impact outweigh the positive. It is not worth the risk.

Sharnice D.

Every day in our society there are new inventions being manufactured and a million more being thought of. Being so that there is such a vast amount of inventions that have been generated there is bound to be a few that are now obsolete or simply should have never been created. When inventions show that they cause more harm than good this is when I start to think, our society probably could have went on without them. Nuclear weapons are one of the main inventions that existence should be under questioning.The cons outweigh the pros when discussing nuclear weapons and our world would be much better without them.

Nuclear weapons are defined as a bomb or missile that uses nuclear energy to cause an explosion. These are the most powerful fighting tools the world has ever known and they hold the capacity to destroy all of life on earth .The effects they have on our society are detrimental, unnecessary, and preventable had weapons of this nature were never created.

The United States tested their first nuclear weapon in 1945 resulting in an explosion, foreshadowing the horrid effects it would later have on the world. When Nuclear weapons were used in warfare on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the 210,000 innocent civilian deaths it caused proved that our society would have been better off without these weapons. Something that causes such great destruction like this could never be considered beneficial to the society. Besides harming innocent individuals, leaving those affected with lifelong injuries and exposure to radiation, nuclear weapons causes fear to lay within nations. Nations can never completely trust one another while being conscious another country possess the power to abolish them. Since countries fear getting ransacked by those who obtain nuclear weapons in response they create more weapons in defense. With nations having a heightened sense of militarism, funds are being used from other foundations to pay for weapons. Taking money away from education, healthcare and other public funds. If these weapons were eliminated there would possibly be more money available to help with some of the major issues like the diminishing level of available funds for retirees.

Some may argue nuclear weapons limits the amount of wars that occur between nations but why would we want peace between nations only because they are scared of what another might do to them, and still have abhorrence beneath the exterior. This is a false sense of peace.

When weapons that are intended for combat cause this much harm to people who are on and of the battlefield they definitely shouldn’t be around. Inventions are intended to make process become easier or quicker, to ultimately help not harm. I understand with each invention there are drawbacks, but are thousands of innocent lives being ended really considered a simple hiccup? Nuclear weapons have caused a great quantity of harm and if never developed it could have been prevented.

Imani B.

Most electronic devices that have been created are great inventions because they are designed to make our lives easier. For example, cellular phones help us to communicate with each other so much faster and more efficiently than ever before. Although some electronic inventions have had a major impact on the advancement of society, other electronic inventions are simply slight improvements but are not serving a true beneficial purpose in our lives.  

One example of an electronic device that we can live without are tablets such as iPads. We already have computers, laptops, cell phones and iPods. These inventions have allowed people to create documents, compute figures and communicate through voice, texting and emails via the internet. We can also play games and download all types of Microsoft Office applications. Over time these devices have been modified to be as sleek and portable as possible. This makes them capable of being taken anywhere and used anytime. Therefore, most of these items such as cell phones are carried around by most people, at least most Americans, all the time. The tablets are just another version of a computer or cellphone, except it cannot be used as a telephone. Since most people carry their cell phones with them the majority of the time, there is no need to carry a tablet. If cell phones, laptops, and computers can do the same thing, that is more than enough. People would not miss tablets because we have many similar electronic inventions.

Another electronic device recently invented that we can do without is the smartwatch or iWatch. The time of day is already available on so many devices that people have around them all day such as cell phones, computers and even inside your car. People seem to be wearing watches less and less so to invent a device that is declining in use and has the same variety of functions as your cell phone and computer seems redundant. The smartwatches are not cheap, costing between $300 to $500 dollars and there is even a $10,000 gold smartwatch available. Not to mention, considering a watch is deemed as a piece of jewelry, they are not even fashionable. Many inventions like the tablets and smartwatches are invented just for marketing and to make money rather than to actually make our lives better.

Many electronic inventions are unnecessary and repetitive. Just because it seems new does not mean it actually is a new invention. For example, the iPad Pro is just a larger iPad. Consumers are stock piling newer versions of the same device, rather than benefitting from an actual new invention.  

In conclusion, while the original devices, such as computers and cell phones, may be genius, many newer versions such as iPad Pro and iWatches are inventions the world would be better off without. But inventors should always keep trying. You never know when you may stumble on a new invention that changes the world such as automobiles and the internet.

Alanna H.

As a student in an American school, I have spent a great deal of time in mathematics and science classes memorizing conversion factors for inches to meters, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and pounds to kilograms. Every time I wondered, “Is this necessary?” The United States Customary Units are present almost everywhere we look despite being an archaic and ineffective system that the world would be better off without. Our official system is a derivative of the old English Imperial system that the colonists held decided to keep in the New World and the Founding Fathers chose to maintain after America gained independence.  

Our customary unit system has no consistency. Conversion factors for increasing units range from 3 (feet/yard), to 1760 (yard/mile), and even to 2000 (pounds/ton). Even these units aren’t constant every time they are used. For example, nautical miles are 1.151 times the standard mile measurement. The metric system, however, uses metric prefixes with power of 10. Each basic unit in the metric system (meters, kilograms, liters) takes on a prefix and either increases or decreases by some factor of 10. Some argue that the US Customary units are preferred because integer numbers with fractions in inches are easier to remember than decimals but the metric prefixes allow any number to be written as an integer.

This system of unit measurements is imposed on every student –but only in the US. Almost every other country in the world, with the exception of Myanmar and Liberia has adopted the metric system as their internationally agreed upon measurement system. The countries of the Common Wealth of Nations have all decided that a uniform system of measurements for length, volume, and mass is needed to help world progression into an international society. Our US government has even stated that the metric system is superior to the US Customary Units for trade and commerce with the Omnibus Trade and Competiveness Act of 1988. 

The logical conclusion is that the US Customary Units should be purged and replaced by the metric system. Not only would all seventh graders struggling to memorize conversions appreciate it, but the United States would be even more effective and a member of our International society.

Olivia H.

The purpose of an invention is to make our lives better, easier, or more enjoyable. In 1881 James Bonsack's invention changed the world. Social classes from high to low all know about James' invention. It became the norm, everyone had it and everyone wanted to get their hands on the luxury item. The taste was smooth and it had the ability to boost your social image. Bonsack's invention also led to cancer, shortened life span, heart diseases, and even death, the cigarette. 

"Okay, you can come in now." The air was heavy and thick but had a hint of air freshener. I began to walk to the bed on the side of the wall. As I made my way through the smoky air I tried my hardest to hold my breath. I smiled as hard I could to hide the true expression of disgust I was feeling. I couldn't hold it any longer. I tried to minimize my cough as I sat on the bed and received a soft kiss on my forehead. "Hey grandma." The cigarette, a said to be luxury item, changed my grandmother's world. My grandmother smoked cigarettes for years. She lost blood circulation in her right leg, right under her knee. Three weeks spent in the hospital and three more weeks at rehabilitation center after her amputation surgery. Lung Cancer hit next, a total of 12 weeks spent at the chemotherapy and radiation center. All this at the stake to look "cool", to have that addictive satisfying taste, but for what? There was nothing to gain from smoking cigarettes besides addiction, pain, and may lead to death.

According to CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tabacco is the largest cause of death in the United States that is preventable. James Bonsack's invention has done nothing but help kill more than 480,000 Americans each year, not including those who suffer from second hand smoke. Smoking has made it more likely for people to develop heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer just like my grandmother. There are dangerously high risks of cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and cancer anywhere in the body for smokers. Thousands of people have lost love ones and their own lives to one single invention. 

No smoking allowed. Today everywhere you go you can bet there might be a sign that prohibits smoking. Cigarettes is one of the most death causing inventions the world has seen. There are no gains to society or positive propose to the invention what so ever. Instead, people today are coming up with ways to get rid of the pointless invention all together. There are lots of organizations, like the American Lung Association, that strive to help people quit smoking and reduce smoker’s health risks. When my grandmother began to quit smoking things were very hard for her but in the long run it was the most necessary action to save her life. I believe the world would be much better off without a useless invention like the cigarette.

Noelle W.

The economic system we have now is corrupt. With the way that money flow goes, hardly any of the money earned goes to who it really belongs to. Why is that? Well it’s because of the way our economic system was invented. With the economic system we have now, in the near future we can see inflation increasing prices at a rate the people can't keep up with. On top of this minimum wage is well below the livable wage threshold. What is the cause of this? Our economic system is literally catered toward being greedy. With all the tax write offs companies get it’s hardly fair to the middle and lower classes. The economy is rigged toward the privileged classes and the top 1%. Someone who came from nothing will have a much harder time surviving even, and that is to blame on the way we run the economic system. What can we do to prevent further wage discrimination and reinvent our economy? We need to give the money to the people it belongs to. We need to raise taxes on the rich and lower taxes on the poor. We need to raise minimum wage to the livable threshold and call out big business on their shady policies and loop holes. We need to put people who have committed white collar crimes to pay the price and the jail time for their crimes. When you raise the minimum wage more people feel comfortable spending more money and the economy gets going again, and more jobs will be created. Of course if we raised the minimum wage now the economy would collapse because we have corrupt foundations, however if everything mentioned in this essay, there could really be a turnaround for the middle and lower classes. 

Diamond B.

Since the beginning of time, the basic needs to keep a human alive was water and of course food. Without food humans would starve. As of today it seems to be ironic how an essential key to human life ultimately harms us. If artificial food preservatives were not invented people around the world would be in a more healthy state physically and psychologically. Preservatives in foods are designed to prevent spoilage and bacteria growth but they aren’t beneficial to your health. Benzoates, Butylates, BHA and caramel are some of a few harmful preservatives we consume every day that could kill us. 

Benzoates triggers allergies, asthma and skin rashes. It is found in tea and coffee. Butylates is another food preservative that causes high blood pressure. This is found in butter. It’s crazy how we consume these things every day and we aren’t aware how harmful they actually are to us. One may not notice these chemicals in these ordinary food items but there is one that is extremely harmful. Its name is caramel. Caramel causes vitamin B deficiencies and even cancer. 

Artificial preservatives cause behavioral changes. Studies show the consumption of food preservatives led to significant increase in hyperactive behavior. The preservatives can also transform into carcinogens which cause cancers. To reduce preservative consumption you can pay attention to the labels on your food, eating fresh food and whole grains. It is important that we take care of our bodies so we can live healthier lives. 

Chanel T.

The world would be better off without the invention of hair relaxers. Hair relaxers or perms are a way of chemically changing the structure of one’s hair to achieve a style or pattern not natural to the person’s head. Perms were a big trend in the 80s when many males and females wanted curled hair. Perms are not specific to one ethnic group; however, many African-American women use hair relaxers to change their curly textured hair into a bone straight style. Perms are not as popular in today’s society; however, the world would be better off without them. 

Perms contain many harmful chemicals damaging to one’s natural hair like lye or sulfates. Products like keratin have even been banned from certain products because of its link to cancer. Not only is it linked to cancer, but relaxers also colligate with hair breakage and loss of natural pattern. Aside from being destructive, perms also contribute to the notion that people are physically imperfect and need to alter themselves to become perfect. 

Perms are another way for society to tell people, mainly women, that the hair they have is not good enough. It is inherent to want what you do not or cannot have, which may resort in one using hair relaxers. The myth in relaxed hair is that changing the texture of one’s hair will somehow make one better. This is a trap set by the beauty industry to tell consumers what we have is not enough, and the product they are selling will upgrade our look or lifestyle.

I have never had a perm, but for a long time I hated my natural hair. I dreaded what I would see in the mirror after washing my hair, and could not stand my short, tight coils. Fortunately, in the last year, I have fallen in love with my natural hair. I embrace its texture and I am grateful various styles I am able to wear. Recognizing the beauty of my natural hair was a very freeing experience. 

The world would be so much better off if people were content with the looks they are given. As a result the beauty industry would lose billions in cosmetic plastic surgery and other methods of permanent physical changes. Even if one wants to alter their look it is important that they are safe. Perms are not safe and there are many safe ways to protect one's natural hair such as braided styles, sew-ins, and heatless styles. 

Imagine a world without hair relaxers. There would be women and young girls walking confidently with the beautiful hair God gave them. Imagine the versatility of styles from bodacious twist-outs to beautifully curled sew-ins. Hair would be nourished and healthy and people would be able to recognize the beauty of their given hair. It is my hope that every woman learns to love every strand of hair that graces her head and does not see a need to permanently alter the hair she has. 

Austin D.


I have no doubt the world would be better off without Facebook. Facebook has taken many great aspects of life away from those who use it. It has taken away the value of having a good time with friends and family. Instead of people enjoying the present, they are too worried about taking pictures or writing post for everyone on their profile to see how much fun they are having. There are those who post their whole lives on it and those who look at those posts, but both are wasting their time worrying about others or their opinions. People should post less and enjoy the people and the experiences in front of them rather than showing it off to people who have no impact in their life.

Facebook has stripped time spent together between families. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a room with my family and everyone is looking down at their phone. We have the perfect opportunity to talk to each other and incorporate family values but instead we throw our time away into looking at a stupid screen. The worst part of it all is how much time in a day people scroll down their feed and look at the same exact thing over and over again, on average a person in the U.S. spends about one hour on Facebook. I would bet all the money in my wallet that the given statistic will grow to be larger as time goes on. 

Last but definitely not least is what Facebook and other social media sites are doing to our younger generation (5-12 Year olds). With Facebook those middle school bullies can hide behind their phone and say some of the nastiest things ever to each other because they believe they are invincible. My little sister has cried countless times after getting a mean comment on some of her posts and it breaks my heart to see. Children these days will not be able to experience life without Facebook and other social media sites, what it’s like to just be sent outside by your parents to enjoy the hot summer day, drinking water from the hose, and going to the park with their friends. 

The integrity of family values has been destroyed by social media in my opinion. Therefore, I believe the world would be a lot better without it.

Ryan D.

Since their creation in the 13th century, one invention has been used only to promote violence and oppression. That invention, is the gun. Guns are dangerous weapons that make the malicious desires of menacing people much easier to carry out. We cling on to these deadly weapons under the veil that they provide us with protection, but they only make our world a more treacherous place. The world would be in a much better place if these murderous tools had never been created. 

In the past, guns were used as a means to oppress those who didn’t have them. The nations that possessed them abused the power that firearms gave them. Instead of just using them as a form of defense, they were used to conquer the nations that didn’t have them. This decision exposed the world to the trials of war and slavery where millions of lives were lost. Many years have been filled with loss and suffering because of the invention of the gun.

Today, we’re still seeing the effects of guns in our society. These dangerous weapons are over-produced and fall into the hands of people with bad intentions. When this happens, innocent people serve as the victims of these men. One example of this was my uncle Sean. He was an innocent bystander who was shot due to gang violence. Many families like ours are forced to deal with the loss of loved ones because of the decisions of men who possess firearms. This is why many people have started to push for stricter gun control laws. It’s apparent that this has become a true threat to our society.

With the current technological boom that our world is facing, we can only assume that guns will only continue to get more dangerous in the future. We live in a society that admires guns and finds joy in the creation of bigger and better firearms. This will only pose a bigger threat however, if they fall into the hands of the wrong people. 

The real problem with guns is the ease of use. In the blink of an eye, an entire life can be extinguished at the hands of someone wielding a firearm. With such an effortless way to harm others, the slightest lapse of judgment on a gun-owner’s behalf could prove deadly for anyone present. This also makes the issue of accidental deaths a much greater problem with the existence of guns. Countless lives have met an untimely end due to unintentional gun use. If they had never been created, our death tolls wouldn’t be as high as they are today. 

In conclusion, I believe that our world would be much better if guns had never been invented. They’re dangerous tools that have had terrible effects on the people of the past and those in the present, as well as posing a threat to those of the future. 

Jade I.


American Express, Discover Card, Master Card--the status symbols of the culture. People are drowning in credit card debt. The American debt is staggering and no one seems to be alarmed. The invention of the credit card has enslaved men, women, boys, and girls. They invest either too little or none of their resources. We're hoarding too much stuff. Every month, millions of households awaken with the same worries, money woes, and anxiety. No matter how much "bacon" is brought home, it is usually devoured before the next pay day. We like keeping up with the Joneses. The Joneses are broke, too! Trying to live the life of Riley has its own rewards. Money problems can lead to fighting, and the bread-winner feeling inadequate. Mismanagement of money puts a strain on a marriage. Runaway credit card purchasing can be like the Energizer Bunny, your money keeps blowing, and flowing, and going, and...well, you get the picture. If you have credit cards which have left you teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, no one has to ask the obvious. I'm going to ask the question anyway. Why be irresponsible and keep overspending? Why be enslaved by a piece of plastic that you can cut up and pay off all debts? Because, we get duped, and its easier said than done. But, there is hope. What happened before you applied for credit cards, and before the banks sent them in the mail? You paid cash for your purchases. 

My grandmother used to keep her money in a sock and pinned to her bra. She paid cash for her needs and never bought on credit, or she managed to do without. Her bigger "stash" was placed inside a mayo jar and buried for safe keeping. If you look inside the garages of American citizens, you see so much junk you could hold a Salvation Army Thrift Store Jamboree. Credit cards remind us that we want too much, save too little, and need to focus on things that are of real value--like helping others. 

I just returned from the 2016 Novi Homeshow. There was a 250 sq. ft. home that lacked nothing. It had everything you needed. There was a long line of people waiting eagerly to see inside this house. There was a man standing behind us who we overheard saying, "Hmmph! Who wants to live in a shoebox? I couldn't even store all of my shoes in there!" I guess not. When you have more than what you need, it puts a leanness in your soul. You can't invest in your future, and you will be tight-fisted. If adults are responsible with their money, there children will become responsible. The Joneses, a community, a region, and a nation can be wise stewards. We can eradicate debt!

Shayla S.

There is no doubt that reality television has been rapidly growing in popularity for the past few years and to say the least is very entertaining to many viewers. But, have you ever stopped to think why so many people are intrigued by these shows? Possibly it’s because of the drama, the scandal, or the lavish lifestyles, oh and did I mention drama. These programs have not only taken over our television networks, but are consuming our minds. The world would be better off without the invention of reality television programs that have just added to the negative influence media has on society.  

Watching reality television shows like Teen Mom, The Real Housewives, or Love and Hip Hop might seem harmless at first glance. But in fact by watching these programs the viewer is basically giving consent that the content and behaviors that are portrayed in these programs are acceptable in society. Many reality television shows glorify and reward barbaric behaviors. They also place tremendous value on materialistic items like clothes, cars, and money. But this is not all, the spotlight of many cast members center around clubs, parties, and alcohol. The sad truth is that these types of lifestyles depicted on reality shows are the ones that appeal most to many people.  

It is only a matter of time before all of these behaviors and ideas of value transfer into our homes and even into the world. The minds of individuals need to be fed with empowerment and uplifting ideas, rather than those of opposite motive. The real reality is that the world struggles with enough issues already and does not need the distraction of conflicts televised through reality shows for entertainment. 

Holly F.


When you think of inventions, the first that pop in to your mind may be the telephone, the light bulb, computers, or the Internet. Inventions are intended to make our lives easier by providing solutions to our problems. With these solutions, we find positives and negative. 

I believe our world would be better off without the invention of alcohol. In my opinion, it's negative effects outweigh the positives. Alcohol is meant to be something people can jump to as a relaxer, away to escape from troubles of living, or avenue to easily find a good time. But much too often, it is abused, and can lead to truly tragic consequences. The more alcohol you consume, the less of an effect it has on you, which can lead to alcoholism, and ultimately death over a small significant amount of time. The creation of alcohol has brought about countless tragic deaths most commonly relating to drunk driving, which at times, punishes innocent victims. Additionally, alcohol has been the cause of unpleasantry within families. It can increase the likelihood of abuse, neglect, and overall negativity in the place where people should be able to find comfort and support. I can lost both of my grandfathers to alcoholism, so I can connect with the many innocent victims alcohol has affected. 

In conclusion, I think our world would be a much better place if alcohol had never been invented. We would be sacrificing a popular party aid, but isn't it worth it to save lives and heartache in the long run? Alcohol is more of a menace to society than a savior. So ultimately, our world would be a completely different place with its absence.

Rebecca L.

All of human history’s inventions have advantages and disadvantages. Some are not even actually needed, such as a nightlight. Since nightlights are a common item on every new parent’s shopping list, they are perceived as needed, but they really are not. Children would be much better off without one. This simple convenience may make life temporarily easier for children, but in the long run, they would be better off without one.

The natural instinct of parents is to protect their children. Infants, totally dependent on their mother and father and trust them for everything, but when they near the age of toddlers, they become more aware of their independence and, consequently become fearful of the world around them. This is often the beginning of the time when they start to notice things that go bump in the night and perceive “monsters” under their bed. The reaction of parents at this time is to assure them everything is fine, and frequently, to plug a nightlight by their beds.

Nightlights can be good. They are helpful, especially to illuminate the path to the restroom a late night drink of water. But it can also create problems, and a false sense of security. The very idea of lighting the dark gives children the idea there is any easy way to navigate the unknown, the darkness. 

The idea implanted by the nightlight creates the secondary fear that the light will be extinguished, and then what will they do? However, if young children were given the relatively safe opportunity to face their fears in their bedrooms, sans the nightlight, how might it affect their outlook on the rest of life’s challenges? Children, with eyes adjusted to the darkness, learn to maneuver their way to the bathroom to quench their thirst, and perhaps to maneuver their way into life. Confident of their ability to achieve this simple task, they just might believe the unknowns in life might just not be so hard to surmount. They just might not be be afraid of the darkness of life.

The perceived necessity of a nightlight has brought biological consequences as well. Mary Carskadon, a professor at Brown University, who is known for her research on sleep, explains that melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep, is only produced in the darkness. Therefore, a nightlight interferes with the bodily process of sleep. Nightlights could possibly account for multiple sleep disorders such as narcolepsy or insomnia.

With a little gentle encouragement, parents can prepare their children for the adventure of life by allowing them to face the small fears of their year. With accumulated experience and instruction, children can learn how to face their fears in the “darkness,” realizing things might just not be as bad as they think that it is not as bad as they think. This assurance can help them to grow in confidence and deal with whatever challenges come their way. Without a nightlight, they will also get better sleep, which will positively affect their daily lives.