Zikol P.

I’ve decided that my major in college is going to be nursing.I believe that nurses are a very important factor especially in todays society. Nurses are always going to be needed in the world. Some careers are now becoming limited because people are inventing technology products that eventually everyone is going to use. Nurses will ALWAYS be needed, never will there be something that can be created to actually take care of people. Therefore this is one of the best careers, its very beneficial. I would be able to care for people in the world and still be able to provide for myself. There are a lot of people that are being placed in nursing homes and they’re getting mistreated by the staff. That is something I hate to hear & would be devastated to see. If I was ever placed in a facility that didn’t genuinely care about their residents I wouldn't feel comfortable. Because the whole point of being a nurse is to make people feel happy & loved not mistreated.Helping others is my passion its been that way for as long as I can remember. I know this would be a great career for me. I’ve even thought about becoming a social worker or lawyer, those are both all about helping out others. I know that I have a big heart and with that I believe that I can get far in life. I want to make a change in others life for the better & thats going to be my main goal when I become a nurse.