Zedonia W.

After I successfully achieve my lifelong goal of becoming a veterinarian, I plan to develop a mobile pet clinic in Southeast Michigan to serve the animals of homeless and lower income people. My program will provide the best possible service, at little or no cost to these pet owners. The mobile unit will contain most of the equipment required inside a brick and mortar animal hospital. This will enable my staff and I to do check-ups, give vaccinations, and perform numerous essential surgeries. This will help the families who have few or no options to care for their beloved pet or companion. Without this service, many low income families often have to surrender their pets to shelters or unfortunately, abandon them to the streets.  

Funding this ambitious venture may seem difficult but I will use my influence in the veterinarian community to encourage sponsors to support this important cause. In this way not only are people and pets being helped but there will a staff of dedicated people who share my commitment, behind the program to keep it running.

Michigan's harsh winters can be detrimental to animals, especially the homeless and no animal deserves to be left in the sub-zero conditions. Therefore included of this program are collapsible pup tent dog houses for dogs of the homeless.  

This program will allow me to pursue my dream in the best way by keeping animals alive, and not just any animals but, the animals from the state I was born in. I believe that all animals deserve to live healthy long life. This scholarship will not only help me achieve my own personal goals but it will help me help others.