Terri B.

I plan to attend Michigan State University to study Premedical. I will go to Medical School to become a Pediatrician. After, when my schooling is complete, I will remain in the state of Michigan to help the state decline its obesity and diabetic rates. A Pediatrician helps monitor a child’s health from when their infants on toward adolescence. It is very important that children eat healthy while their young to prevent future health problems. My job in Michigan is to treat those children as they are young and keep them on a healthy path. I will help children and their parents maintain fine eating habits. 

One of the leading causes of Obesity and high risk diabetes is genetics and lifestyle. Often children become obese if their parents are obese. It is hereditary because the same sex carries the genetics. Which means mother and daughter share genes of obesity; father and son share the same genes. The chances are if the mother is heavy in the abdominal area, there is a great chance the daughter would inherent the same abdominal structure if they have an unhealthy lifestyle. The way to change this natural being is to make sure the child stays active, keep their metabolism moving because it could be slow. 

Another leading cause is the lifestyle. Many children are not required to eat vegetables and fruit. Children eat what they see their parents eat. In the same way as a child playing “Monkey See, Monkey Do”,if they get used to seeing someone eat chips daily, drink soda, and lay around after eating, they do the same. It is essential to keep the body active. The lifestyle that parents teach a child will ruin their health in the future. 

After all, I am a victim of these causes. I am a young teen that is running the chance of being a diabetic, due to my poor eating habits. I truly regret my decisions as a kid. I did not stay active or eat healthy. I do not blame my parents because there came a time when I was old enough to control my own actions. In order to make up for lost time, I plan to teach future children to care for their body. Becoming a Pediatrician is my passion. I want to help nurture children. I want to keep them safe from obesity and diabetes. With my degree I will change the high numbers we see daily of child obesity in Michigan.