Sydnee L.

I was born and raised here in Michigan and have personally seen the effects of having and not having adequate medical care. My Grandmother suffered from numerous medical conditions and died from heart failure. My Grandfather suffered from dementia and passed away. Both these individuals loved me and I loved them dearly. Seeing them having ot deal with their ordeals led me to the medical field. I've been raised to be loyal, honest and upright. These traits will serve me well, for I will not be one of the many that carry their talents to other states. Michigan needs young people to stay and become the future of this Great State. I had offers to attend school out of state but have chosen to remain and pursue my degree. I cannot think of a better way to serve than to serve those with health issues. By providing them with the needed care it will raise their quality of life. My Grandmother always tells me I'm a blessed child and now I can see why. Having been raised in a loving household and not having to suffer through any significant medical issues, I finally understand. My desire is to complete my degree, become an anesthesiologist and work within the inner city to assist those who truly need care. By not leaving and forgetting where I came from, I feel I can serve with humility, having a caring heart and provide the best possible care to those in need. By I love this state and I am prepared to become one of its future leaders. By applying myself and being a role model I feel I can be an example to others and prove that this state has many opportunities only if more of us would have the courage to stay and serve.