Sterling C.

Scholarship, service, leadership, and character are the four pillars of National Honor Society in which I try to uphold in all aspects of my life, especially service. I believe the willingness to work for the benefit of others is an essential quality to have to successfully be a well-rounded and productive member of society. As the summer months approached in 2014, I realized that sitting around the house was not the way to spend the summer; therefore, I applied to begin volunteering at our local hospital, Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan. 

While volunteering in our Family Care Unit I was able to assist in the care of both the babies and new mothers. I supplied the mothers and children with necessities such as water, blankets, diapers, bottles, etc. I also discharged moms and babies and performed clerical duties. While sitting at the desk I often got to interact with the student nurses from Baker College who were doing their rotations at the same time as my shift. Hearing their experiences and watching the RN's on duty influenced me to go into nursing. After having a conversation with the charge nurse, Nellie Tester, I realized that I wanted to be a nurse for postpartum care. I had come to the conclusion that nurses are unsung heroes. Their time and interaction with patients is what I desire as part of my career goals.

During my last shift, Nellie asked me to promise to complete a four year degree. As I plan to keep my promise, I owe my career choice to this experience. When I saw a nurse’s role from their perspective I knew this was what I wanted to do. I would like to become a nurse and establish more volunteering programs in Michigan; much like the one I experienced. I believe this experience is the best way to uncover your desires; I would love for teens in Michigan to have that experience. I am continuously grateful for the time I was able to share at Providence. It has also been proven that positive figures are influential mentors and important to the development of teens. With that being said, I hope to serve as a mentor to others when I become a nurse as the nurses I worked under were to me.