Sabrena J.

Imagine that you or a loved one has a heart problem .To help you or your loved one you need someone with a medical background .For the heart problem you would need a person with a medical degree and a background in cardiology. Now imagine something has happen aggravating this heart problem. You are rushed to the hospital for medical care but like many hospitals there are more patients then there are doctors. Now what will happen? So now your are in a hospital getting help but is it truly the best care you can receive when the doctor you just saw also was 20 other patients and has been working for extremely long hours . I would like to help with the overcrowded hospitals in Michigan by getting a Pre-Med degree and one day going to Medical school and becoming a cardiologist.

With my degree I would be able to help save lives, Michigan lives. I believe that my degree will be beneficial not only for myself but for my family and my community. Later after I have my degree and a job in cardiology I want to have classes or some type of community program for children in Southfield and other parts of Michigan to teach about heart health and to help others learn about cardiology .So that children can start learning early and make better informed decisions about jobs in the medical field. I think that there needs to be more cardiologist because of how important the heart is the the body and because of how many people have known heart problems and even those who don’t know about existing heart problem they have .So I think my degree will be very beneficial to the state of Michigan and the city of Southfield.