Roshay T.

I love the art of engineering, building things and watching it grow. I am a strong supporter of teamwork and the advancement of engineering. I have been in Michigan all my life. I have had the opportunity to experience the rich culture of Michigan. From visiting the historical museums to going to cultural events held in Michigan. It is a very unique experience that is special to Michigan. The state of Michigan has so many great resources and so much to offer. I would love to utilize my plans as a future manufacturer engineer to grow the Auto Industry. The automotive industry is a huge integrate part of Michigan. I will work in collaboration with an auto company to build premiere and durable vehicles but cost effective Specifically, I will develop, evaluate, and improve manufacturing methods and machinery to reduce cost and improve quality and delivery, utilizing knowledge of product design, materials and parts, fabrication processes, tooling and production equipment capabilities, assembly methods, and quality standards. Use structure problem solving root cause analysis of manufacturing problems, ability to conduct data analyses and data driven manufacturing improvements. Perform regular calibration and preventative maintenance on machines and equipment to ensure specific operational performance and optimum utilization. I will work on making Michigan the number one in quality, production and number one selling of vehicles. As a result, this will grow the Michigan industry and increase job employment and retention in Michigan. Therefore, as a manufacturing engineer I can ensure production runs with optimal efficiency and quality This in turn will help Michigan continue to be the premiere state for manufacturing high performance vehicles.