Princess O.

One of the biggest issues faced by our economy today is concerning healthcare. Many people are faced with the struggle each day of whether or not they should go to the hospital or seek medical attention, due to the rising costs of healthcare. 

By earning a degree in the Science of Human Biology and passing through Medical School, I will be on track to helping improve healthcare in the state of Michigan. For as long as I can remember, my main reason for wanting to become a doctor is to help people, and that is what I will do for the state of Michigan. I wish to obtain a degree in Pediatrics and one in basic health care administration. By doing this I will not only be able to care for adults, but for younger children as well.

My main goal is to open up free clinics around the state of Michigan to administer health care to those in need. No one should feel as if they or their children can’t go to the hospital due to the fact that they can’t afford it. I believe that everyone is entitled to, at the very LEAST, a basic physical, free of cost. And in the clinics that I plan to open will do that and much more. 

My degree will offer the state of Michigan a sense of community. The clinics will give people the chance to actually sit and meet with their doctor’s one on one, whenever needed. The doctor’s employed at the clinic will all live in the cities in which the clinics are located, so the people will feels as if they are receiving care from someone they know and trust. 

With more and more people receiving health administration, Michigan will become a better place. Not only will less people be sick, more money can be put back into people’s pockets. The money not spent on an outrageous medical bill could be put to better use. The people in the state of Michigan could finally feel like their tax dollars are being put towards a good cause that would actually benefit them. 

In the long run, my degree will better the lives for many people in Michigan. Health care would become less of a big issue and more of a basic right. The people of Michigan will no longer see themselves being ill as a burden on their pockets. This is the change that I wish to see in Michigan. This is the change I will make.