Nneka C.

Do you appreciate the little things in life? Many people take things in life for granted, including their eyesight. Without our eyesight we wouldn't be able to see the beautiful state of Michigan and all it has to offer. I’ve lived in Michigan all my life, and have grown to love this state. As my senior year comes to end, I plan to attend Ferris State University where I will earn my degree in optometry. Though the road to my degree will be challenging at times, I'm willing to take on the challenge. I'm a very determined young lady who never gives up on my goals. With my degree I plan to help people see Michigan for what it really is, a beautiful state with a great community.  

I feel that Michigan could use more optometrists, to provide proper eye care for its citizens. My degree will help improve the state of Michigan by improving the eyesight and lifestyle of many citizens. The passion and dedication I have for this career will allow me to utilize the knowledge and skills I will attain, to improve eyes. Some optometrists go to work just to get the job done. I want to ensure that my patients get the proper eye care needed, no matter how long it takes. Not only will I diagnose and treat the eye I will also manage diseases, injuries, and disorders of the eye. My patients will be well informed of all the possible health issues that could lead to bad eyesight. I will also counsel my patients regarding surgical and non-surgical options that best relate to their avocations and lifestyles. With my degree I plan to make sure Michigan citizens have the best eyesight they possibly can have. I want to improve the eyesight of Michigan citizens so, that they can see Michigan through clearer eyes.

A visit to the eye doctor can range from less than $50 to more than $100. Many people avoid the eye doctor because of the expenses. I want to make eye care affordable for all Michigan citizens; I don’t want citizens having bad eyesight because they can’t afford it. Everyone deserves to see clearly. Not only will my degree help people see clearer it will also allow them to live a better lifestyle. Going nearly blind to being able to see clearly can have a big impact on lives. I want Michigan citizens to walk out of the clinic with a big smile and clear eyes. With my degree I will make sure Michigan citizens do just that.