Miracle C.

Improvement in the youth today can change the state of Michigan tomorrow. After I graduate High School. I plan to get a college degree and become a teacher. I find that more often than not, ones hardest subject is math. This happens to be my easiest subject. As I stay ahead in all my classes I find myself helping others that are behind. Helping my peers with math has resulted in my love for the learning process. There is no better feeling than being able to help someone learn, to have someone understand a subject because of you. This has made one of my goals in life is to become a teacher.

Teachers have a huge impact on the youth. I witnessed that many of my peers lack motivation. As a teacher I can assist students not only in mathematics, a relatively hard subject, but I could motivate them. A teacher that cares could ultimately change a student’s life. My Degree could help the youth today which would change the State of Michigan tomorrow.

Along with becoming a teacher, I plan to start my own nonprofit organization. There are numerous things that I want to change about my State that in my opinion will assist in bringing it up. Noticing the abundance amount of abandoned houses and buildings in Michigan, has contributed to being one of the things that I want to change. I want to start a nonprofit organization that will fix up a number of these abandon houses and buildings around my community. This organization will help beautify urban areas of Michigan, and could possibly create jobs if it gets the proper funding, and assist in the growth of Michigan.