Micah T.

Although Michigan has endured many hardships, such as an arduous recession and an unfortunate bankruptcy, it has developed the grit to recover from many of its struggles. Though time has facilitated in improving Michigan, there is always room for innovation. I believe that I can contribute to the continued improvement of Michigan.

Upon graduating from high school, I will matriculate to a four-year college, where I will receive a degree in Marketing. With this degree, I will have a firmer basis with which to ameliorate the future of Michigan by working to improve the job market and reaching out to the youth of the tomorrow.

My degree will enable me to assist in opening more job opportunities by creating an international marketing firm, focusing on innovating and growing businesses globally. With the headquarters of the firm in Michigan, I hope to generate at least 3,000 jobs available to residents of the state of Michigan.

As I think of who will facilitate and accelerate the process of further illuminating the future of Michigan, I think of the youth within Michigan. Along with alleviating the rate of unemployment, I believe that with an acquired degree in business, I will be able to mentor and expose the youth to business. I will create a stimulating and interactive non-profit business program for teens in grades 8th-12th. As a result of this business program I believe that it will not only enable teens to maximize their business potential and get a head start on their careers, but will help teens escape the feeling of “hopelessness” and desolation that continues to surface throughout communities. The business program for teens will encompass the culture of entrepreneurship, teaching the importance of financial literacy, professionalism, networking, and the mechanics of how to run a thriving business. My goal is that these teens will feel inspired and well-equipped to become leaders with the business acumen to stay and build their own companies like the Chelsea Milling Company who are the makers of Jiffy cornbread, Kellog’s food company, or a chain hypermarket such as Meijer. These are just a few of the homegrown companies in Pure Michigan and once I achieve a degree in business, I vow to invest my energy and leadership in the enrichment of Pure Michigan.