Micah A.


There once was a joyous little girl who dreamed of nothing but the beautiful things in life. She enjoyed the pleasures of her four year old childhood. She came from a good home of two loving parents who would do anything for her. Everything seemed so grand to the little girl because she was only exposed to the delightful things of life. Well, that's the story she wants others to believe.

Unfortunately, at the age of four her innocence was taken away from her. She didn't know what to do or who to tell because she never had the courage enough to confine in someone. She decided to keep it as a secret in hopes that she would forget about it. As the girl grew up, she began to realize that the vulgar memory began to linger like a curse. It affected her relationships with others and most importantly how she felt about herself. Her mother taught her all about self love but she still felt empty inside. She tried to fill that void in with numerous things but nothing could fulfill it. She was insecure with the type of person she was until she found her talent; debating.

One summer, she went to her first debate camp at Wayne State University. She knew she always had an interest in law but never thought about debating. She competed against older students and won almost every debate. As the camp came to an end she walked away with an award as a first time debate student. She never felt so lively and accomplished. At that moment she knew she wanted to pursue a career as an attorney; defending young girls ,as herself, who have been victimized of sexual assault. The young girl is now a young lady taking action to become that attorney she dreams of being. This is her purpose and I know this because that young lady is me.

1 in 5 girls are a victim of child sexual abuse. However, many girls don't speak about it because they feel like justice won't be served. In most cases, they are afraid and blame themselves for their offenders actions. As a future student at Michigan State University, I plan on using my law degree to help those girls who feel like their rights are infringed upon. This is something close to my heart because I know what it feels like to be violated. For years I felt like I was alone but, what I failed to realize is that there are so many girls like me being kept in the shadows. I plan on using my degree to shine a light of hope on them. I want to help those girls both inside and out of court. I want to teach all girls that despite your situation, you can achieve anything through self-empowerment. Claim what's yours and don't let other people's demons affect the person you were destined to be.