Maya J.

In Michigan, there has been a dramatic decrease in the amount of psychiatric care given to those who need it. Since 1980, Michigan has closed 34 institutions devoted to assisting people with special needs. Due to the state closing so many institutions, the local governments took more control and created the Community Mental Health Boards (CMHBs), now referred as the Community Mental Health Service Programs (CMHSPs), which gave the local communities more jurisdictions over mental health care in their areas. The CMHSPs monitor their patients and organize their diagnosis and treatment. There are now 50 CMHSPs in Michigan that oversee 83 counties with the best interest of the community and patients in mind. To me, the only fault in their system is that only 10 % of their program is allocated for mentally ill children. With my degree in college I will be sure to increase the awareness and attention that is being given to children with mental illnesses in Michigan.

I will be attending the University of Tennessee at Martin majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology and minoring in Psychology to put me on the path to becoming an adolescent Psychiatrist. This is how I plan on assisting the mentally ill children in Michigan. I plan to open my own practice around Michigan in order to give the children someone to speak to and to ensure that their diagnosis is accurate if they do in fact have an illness. Many children are misunderstood and overlooked because many of their care takers believe they are simply going through a phase but I believe, if a mental illness is caught at an early stage, it increases the possibility of that child improving or at least slows down the development of the mental illness. As a Psychiatrist I, and others under my practice, will be there to listen to the children and guide them to a better, and in most cases, safer state of mind. If the companies who are in charge of their health and well-being cannot even focus more than 10% of their time to the mentally ill children of our state, who will? 

As a result of my practice there would be a decrease in the amount of people being sent to jail, committing suicides, and endangering societies. When an unstable person is not receiving the right attention, they can become increasingly dangerous. With multiple practices reaching out to an increased amount of people, they will be able to receive that attention, therefore preventing any rage or frustration based outburst. Of course, the only set back would be the fact that not everyone who needs help will seek it. The only close solution would be to work closely with local police departments and help those who need assistance rather than have them be taken into custody where the patient could harm others. My degree can protect both the stable and unstable minded citizens of Michigan.