Matthew S.


I believe that there is no greater state in the Union than Michigan. Detroit is my home city and I will always love her, no matter how the rest of the world sees her. We are home to one of the nation’s greatest collections of art at the DIA, music runs through her veins from Hitsville USA, and we maintain my favorite place to eat in mid-town, The Potato Place. Though the weather we have can sometimes make me reconsider, I will always be a Michigander. With my degree I will make the rest of the country see my city and state exactly how I see it, as one of the best places on Earth.

I hope to immediately give back to the city of Detroit upon receiving my degree in Biomedical Engineering. I would begin this journey first by inventing or enhancing medical technologies to be used by the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, the medical facility that saved my life twice so far in my eighteen years on this Earth. This is a personal objective and I would be satisfied if it was the last thing that I do in life, but I am set on contributing my time to fortifying the Children’s Hospital for as long as I am able to. I believe that my mind and resources with a degree will allow me to help a child who was born paralyzed, to walk. A deaf child, to hear, and maybe even a blind child, to see, as those born with functioning eyes.

I will be accomplishing all of these feats through Christ and he will be the foundation of all of my success. Therefore, I will proclaim his name throughout the globe as far as he will allow me to reach. Also, in the near future, I plan to begin a project to restore Detroit, Michigan to her former glory and reconnect her people to the other cities of MIchigan as far as Houghton. Growing up in Detroit, I was never aware of any place north of Lansing, nor did I have any intention on visiting those places. Then, in my junior year of high school, I visited Houghton, MI and Michigan Technological University for a month in June. The UP was home to the most beautiful landscapes I had ever seen. The rushing water, the copper mines, the Soo (Sault) Locks, all sights that I would have never thought were right in my own backyard. Therefore, my goal is to connect the youth of Metro Detroit to the glorious cities of Northern Michigan and vice versa. 

My mission is simple, however will take a lot of time and money to produce. I am more than willing to commit the time, if I am supplied with the scholarship funds to begin my quest for the state of Michigan. Thank you in advance for your consideration, God bless.