Mary Q.

I plan on getting a degree in Elementary Education. Since I was a young child I would line up my stuffed animals and would pretend I was their teacher and they were my students. Sometimes I got lucky and used my friends for students instead of the toys.  

Being a teacher, I will help expand their minds and help guide them into a successful life. I will be able to start working with them when they are young and get them on the right path early. Our future relies on the younger generation, and what better way to help our future than by working with them five times a week. I will be a stepping stone into their bright future.  

I am already currently a teacher’s assistant for third grade Religious Education and a one on one tutor. Both of these jobs already give me an insight on how important a teacher can be to the community. Seeing their faces light up when I tell them something new or going more in-depth into a subject makes everything all worth it. I could be helping a young inspiring student into becoming a doctor who helps save lives or a future scientist who makes a new ground breaking discovery. Most young adults look back on their life and credit part of their success to their teachers.

Most people are required to have some sort of formal education in order to have a job. I will be helping them achieve that Education in order for them to have a career. When I look back to my elementary and middle school days some of the life lessons that I learned I still carry with me to this day. That is what I hope to achieve as a teacher.