Marissa W.


Michigan was once an industrial cornerstone to our nation's economy. As the millennium changed and the auto and steel industries fell into economic decline, so did our great state. Recent rethinking among the state's leadership has reconnected Michigan with the National and World economies by attracting businesses in the technology field. I am pursuing a degree in my lifelong passion of computer science. The skills and education I will obtain in this field will allow me to be a player in Michigan's economic future. I will be immersed in a field that will define the future of not only Michigan, but the world. 

Every occupational field imaginable depends on technology. I will be a part of the future where many technological advancements will be achieved in the fields of medicine, education, business and industry. Health care professionals use computers to share records, to diagnose medical problems and even to treat those problems. Teachers rely on computers and "smart" technology in the classroom to prepare students for the future. Business leaders use computers to communicate on a global level, to monitor income and spending and to store data. The industrial world, including Michigan's own auto industry, uses computer science to design better vehicles, to monitor inventories and to power assembly lines.

I am fortunate to come from a family of auto workers, educators, health care professionals and business leaders who over the years have given me insight into how technology, and specifically computers, have affected and enhanced their jobs. These family members all came to Michigan or were born and remained in Michigan because of the great opportunities in these fields. To remain competitive, and to meet the growing demands of our society, these computer technologies will need to continue advancing and Michigan will need to advance with them so that future college students will have the same connections to the state and its economy that I have. These advancements will come from companies now making their homes in Michigan. They will be made possible by people like me who study the field at a public university in our state where the classes are lead by people who understand the ever changing technological world and the role that Michigan will play in it. 

I am part of a legacy built on the great industrial shoulders of Michigan. With my degree in Computer Science, I will help create a legacy built on even stronger shoulders of the great technological state of Michigan.