Marcus L.

Obtaining a degree would mean everything to me. Not only it would accredit me, but also the state of Michigan by showing a youthful generation that anything in life is possible. Its personally hard to me to speak on the behalf of the whole state of Michigan but I can speak on one of its highlighted cities.  

Usually an individual is determined to become rich are acquire something that is tangible. I feel no need to do either. I don’t have to be rich are have the biggest house are the best car, I would just be happy with having a career. I feel though my main purpose on this earth is to help others, especially the youth. The youth is the key to success. One of the main things that cripple Detroit is the lack of positive influence on the Detroit Michigan youth population . My degree would help the state of Michigan by giving inner Detroit youth a proposition that "if i can do it, you can do it ten times better" . Having that successful role model will show kids that its other options than being athlete are a rapper. Having that role model there could show them that its wonderful jobs and careers. This could aid them and the community around them. Everyone is born with an open mind; it’s what you put in there that makes the difference. I feel as though my main purpose is to be that role model and someone to look up to, inspiring one kid at a time. Having a degree would be the blue print to this elaborate project of making the inner youth thrive in life. In turn, this could decrease the crime in Michigan, boost the economy do to contributions of all classes and improve the states name. I believe in the principle of if you advance forward one step, you help the person behind you advance also. Living in a city where allot of people have seemed to lost their purpose , I feel as though the only way someone can truly make it is by working together. Thank you.