Malik S.

How will my degree improve the state of Michigan? The degree that I want to obtain is an Electrical Engineering degree. Therefore, I will be helping build the infrastructure for future society. However, my ultimate ambition is to start a space mining industry. My headquarters will be in Michigan, but my work will benefit the world. 

To begin, I want to use my electrical engineering degree as a stair step to aerospace engineering and business degrees. With my business and engineering degrees, I will start a small company that employs talented engineers and people with skills such as, but is not limited to, designers, tinkerers, video makers, and artists. These people will be used to make products, such as apps, to build a strong reputation for invention and making a profit. Additional products will include cell phones, components for “green” cars, and clean energy such as solar panels and wind turbines.

I will then use the money to expand my company and produce “future” technologies. These include wearable technologies, similar to google glass and the oculus rift virtual reality gaming headset. These products will be very fashionable, and affordable. They also will not be made in sweatshops, but clean, updated working facilities in American cities like Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Benton Harbor, Hamtramck and Highland Park. This will help build the infrastructures of Michigan's most hard hit urban centers. We can create jobs by building environmentally friendly textile factories, renewable energy plants, and agricultural facilities. I desire for my agricultural facilities to be state of the art, utilizing pink light growing rooms (which grow plants faster), aeroponics (cuts the percentage of water usage by plants), solar power, and vertical farming to use less land area, while still maximizing agricultural output. This will increase my positive influence on the world.

With the wealth my company has gained, I then want to acquire or partner with companies such as SpaceX, Plantary Resources, or Virgin Galactic to create an asteroid mining enterprise. The values of some asteroids are incalculable. Resources mined in space will decrease the use of fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal. This could help to heal the Earth over time, hopefully reversing the effects of climate change. Finally, I will start investing in STEM schools. The first will be in Detroit, Michigan. It’s my hometown, and I recognize the potential of its students. I will then spread the schools where needed across the state, and then America. Having my headquarters in Michigan, building factories for new and clean technologies, and hiring Michiganders is how I will use my degree to improve the State of Michigan.