MaKayla H.

Earning my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising Management will further help me improve the state of Michigan by reaching out to the youth and help guide them through their future endeavors. Children are the future, it’s important to emphasize accomplishing goals and excelling in our education as a priority. I would like to start an organization that consists of mentors and opportunities that will inspire children to reach their goals and explore their talents. If there are adults that are motivational and helpful to the youth in the future similar to those that have impacted me to accomplish my goals, then I believe that our youth will continue to succeed. 

I have a strong sense and passion for fashion that has lead me to create my own clothing line as well as a partnered business that revamps dull shoes into stylish and unique customs. I have also found and became the President of my high school’s fashion club that is sponsored through one of the top fashion colleges, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I was proud to establish a foundation for myself as well as others who have a passion for fashion and would like to explore their interests in fashion since my high school did not offer any programs in fashion, and since fashion is not a career that is high in demand in Michigan. Currently, in my fashion club we’re fundraising, working on sewing and creating garments for our fashion show, and helping produce and make costumes for a Lion King’s Play for students with special needs. Last year, I organized and made our community service project a clothing drive for those in need in the metro Detroit area, we collected 10,464 items and we ranked in top 50 out of about 63,000 clothing drives across the nation. Currently, I have organized a jean drive and made it our club’s project, and the jeans will be given to those in need in the metro Detroit area.

Earning my degree in Fashion Merchandising Management would not be the start of me giving back to my community. I’m working now to progress and succeed in my interests and endeavors, and to help those along the way as I continue to grow. My plan after earning my degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology is to grow and explore in the fashion industry while gaining internships, work various jobs in the industry, while expanding my clothing line, and opening stores across the nation including Michigan. Opening a store exclusively for my clothing line allows me to bring more jobs to the state of Michigan, tax dollars to schools and our states’ infrastructure, and government programs. I'm excited to gain knowledge, more experience, and to take advantage of the opportunities given to me, it’s one thing to have a degree, but actually using the knowledge you're given, the experience you've attained, and giving back by creating a foundation for others is a journey bound for success!