Lauren S.

“The difference, what you say you will do and what you actually do.” This quote by George Akomas is the principle for my plan to help the state of Michigan after I earn my college degree. Throughout my educational career, college has always been the option after high school. As a honor roll student, I have always strived to be above average. Everything that I do on a daily basis is a part of my plan for success. I want to motivate other students in the state of Michigan to aim for a higher education after high school. A 4- year college is not the only option of higher education available for students; other options include community college, technical training, and trade school.
I plan to obtain a physician assistant degree from Howard University. It will be a five-year program in the college of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are majors that are not popular among students. My degree is associated with the STEM field; I want to be a role model and help to encourage students to study in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. “The education and advancement of underrepresented populations in America and the global community.” is the mission statement of academics at Howard University. In the state of Michigan, students studying in the STEM fields have decreased drastically over the past years. I intend on coming back to Detroit during the summers and working with DAPCEP; a non –profit outreach program that assisted me with making my decision to enter the health field, by educating me and giving me hands on experience. 

It is interesting that in the Detroit Public Schools it is rare that you find a nurse and/or medical professional. Many students who are sick go untreated due to the inaccessibility of healthcare unless their parents miss work. My idea is to provide a community service that would allow for Physician Assistants to provide services in schools, churches and other community centers in the state of Michigan. This decentralized method of housing medical professionals throughout the community would all ultimately advance to the major hospitals.The benefit to Michigan is the immediate accessibility to a medical professional would help treat illnesses and limit the number of days students miss school and parents miss work. It would also provide accessibility to the senior community who are most times limited on transportation. A Physician Assistant would also be able to provide education regarding the prevention and treatment of illness and diseases.

“Lips and tongues lie but actions never do. No matter what words are spoken, actions betray the truth of everyone’s heart.” My passion for helping people is in my heart and I plan to portray my passion through my actions. I want to help people all throughout the great state of Michigan and make it a better state to live in.