Kaylyn C.

Imagine your students broadcasting their art in support of the state. Imagine your elders getting a chance to still be creative and unique within the confines of their retirement. That is something I would endeavor to do with my BFA in Art/Photopgraphy/Advertising. There are so many wonderful ideas that can come out of art and advertising, it's hard to narrow them down. Eventually my mind came to rest on the fact that I was inspired by the inside-out project that was displayed around Southfield for a few years, and I envisioned a similar project. I would show the entire state the creative potential it holds by displaying the artwork, as well as the faces, of the citizens in the state in a way that could help put Michigan on the map as a state that values not only the motor city, but the minds that aren't well recognized for their creative ability. It could tie into the Pure Michigan movement by showcasing the artwork of various Michiganders on the website and any travel brochures. I firmly believe that a project like this could only benefit Michigan and help to improve it.