Kayla W.

My degree in Computer Science will help me improve the state of Michigan. Michigan is very well known for its manufacturing and automobile industry. Our great state can also become well known for other things. Michigan can be the new face of cochlear implants. A cochlear implant is a medical device that provides hearing for those who are deaf. I can use my degree in Computer Science to create and improve software within the cochlear implants. Owning a cochlear implant is very expensive and requires a lot of medical attention. The development of this process will help bring more money to the State of Michigan. Also, more people will be more willing to come to Michigan to get an implant surgically and update their cochlear at least once a year. I have decided to major in Computer Science and work on cochlear implants because I was born deaf. I have had a cochlear implant since I was about three years old and I have a lot of experience with the cochlear. I know where there needs to be improvements and what can be created to better help cochlear implant recipients.