Kaliah A.

As a teenager who has lived in the state of Michigan all my life, I have completed my elementary and junior high school education with academic honors. I continued to receive a rewarding education through high school and currently graduating honorably as 2015 Class President. I was raised to “pay it forward”, so I have had many ideas and aspirations of how I would help this state during and after I obtain my PhD in Veterinary Science.

I was very young and ambitious when I discovered how important animal life was to me. My desires matured into ideas, when I lost my fish at that young age. After obtaining my degree, I want to create and build many Safe Haven Homes that are affordable for the state of Michigan animals, and their owners to receive care and housing. This will be a social and health environment that offers additional resources for lost, abandoned, and strayed animals. Not only will this opportunity be helpful for the animals, it will also allow people a sense of relief and hope for themselves.

The citizens of Michigan have lost their jobs, homes and hope, which causes a high percentage of animal abandonment. We are living in a time of need, where many families still struggle to feed their farm animals so they are either abandoned or left to starve. Just as a family takes care of their home, we must care for Michigan animals, and come together and plan resolution for our pets in the families as well. Safe Haven Homes will allow a chance for reassurance, new direction, hopefulness, and for families to continue to love their pets. There are many people in this world that target the problems that exist within humanity, but our animals in Michigan continuing to suffer, have yet to be supported. This idea is unique because it is not only a humane society, nor a shelter. Safe Haven Homes will be a loving, healthy, secure environment for families with animals. My degree will help improve Michigan by making a difference in the lives of both humans and animals.