Kaleb O.

I have grown to realize that Education is the key to monumental success. As a graduating senior, I will be matriculating to the next level of academic excellence, a collegiate education. I will be entering a career in teaching. Teaching is an art and a passion that must consume the individual. It has always been something that I have thrived in and enjoyed. Often time in school, my classmates look to me for furthur clarity and affirmation. Therefore, I have decided to pursuit a degree in Secondary Education. In Michigan, there will always be a need for knowledgeable and passionate teachers to educate and inspire tommorows leaders. Teaching in Michigan is a prime opportunity for one, like me, who longs to improve their communities and make differences in the lives of others. My degree will enable me to teach English and Science at the high school level. These are subjects that will be needed in order to produce students who are effective communiticators and critical thinkers. What would Michigan be like if its schools and educational institutions produced more effective communicators and critcal thinkers? How would they impact the world at-large? That would be one of my primary goals as an educator. It would be my responsibility to challenge traditional ways of thinking and to introduce new theories, lessons, and ideas. I would be a frontline soldier in the battle of improving the state of Michigan and its reputation. In motivating and assisting young people in accomplishing both their academic and behavioral goals, half the battle would be won. The leadership of an effective teacher stimulates the brains of future doctors, lawyers, engineers, and even presidents. In conclusion, a degree in Education is not measured in an annual salary; instead, it is found in the success of the students.