Kaitlyn B.

As a kid we were always asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. Back then I probably said a professional soccer player, an astronaut, maybe even a princess, anything that sounded like a ton of fun to a young child. As a high school senior I can honestly say that I have changed what I wanted to go to college for probably close the a hundred times. Once I had taken Honors Anatomy I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I “grew up”, A Pathologists’ Assistant. The job market for healthcare workers is expected to increase dramatically over the next several years, especially right here in the state of Michigan. Being from Saint Clair Shores I am within a half hour drive of almost ten different hospitals and a couple hundred healthcare facilities. 

Working in a healthcare facility, I have seen first hand how the need for healthcare professionals is for sure on the rise. Everyone is saying how Michigan is on a “turn around”, I believe that turn around lays right here within our students. The students are going out, getting an education, and trying to become a better part of the working class to help get Michigan back on its feet. I will be apart of this group of people when I begin continuing my education at Wayne State University in the fall. 

My degree as a Pathologists’ Assistant will help the state of Michigan by doing research, examining specimens, and assisting in autopsies. Over the next few years while attending Wayne State University, I will learn many new things about healthcare, research, and effective ways to cure or slow the progression of a disease. In earning my degree as a Pathologists’ Assistant I will help fill the need of one of those much-needed healthcare positions here in Michigan. I will be able to diagnose a patient sooner rather than later which may help save that patients life. I will be helping improve the wellness and health of the people in the state or Michigan as a Pathologists’ Assistant.  

In becoming a Pathologists’ Assistant I will work while I continue to learn many important things that will help me to help others. I will be able to complete research to help find out the causes of certain diseases. My degree will help many people due to the complexity of the work that I will be doing. Pathologists’ Assistants are very important components in making diagnoses. While working under a Pathologist I will be preforming laboratory test to examine specimens to help diagnose a patient. 

Pathologists’ Assistants provide to the overall effectiveness and costliness of a laboratory. Everyone can help the state of Michigan on this turn around. No matter how small the act, doing anything the help your community and the people around you will help the state of Michigan. I believe becoming a Pathologists’ Assistant will contribute to the overall effectiveness of healthcare in the state of Michigan.