Justyna T.


Working in the neonatal-intensive care unit has been my dream since my freshman year of high school. I have been in love with babies ever since the day my little sister came home from the hospital on the beautiful evening of Valentine's Day in 2001. My job as a neonatal nurse will be challenging and stressful at times however, there are many benefits that come with it. 

First, as a neonatal nurse, I will work with newborns that have various problems. Those problems can range from prematurity to birth defects. Helping those infants will improve the state of Michigan because every life is valuable. Michigan wants strong, healthy babies so that they can grow up to be smart, successful adults. There are thousands of premature newborns every year in this state and the infant mortality rate is rising. I will help prevent that rise by using various methods to help keep those infants alive, including breathing and feeding tubes. Not only will saving a life make me feel ecstatic, but that could also mean I will be saving the life of the future governor or senator of Michigan. 

In the same way, as a neonatal nurse, I will improve the state of Michigan because not only will I be working with the critically ill newborns, but I will also be helping the parents as well. They will be extremely worried and stressed when their baby is taken away from them. As a neonatal nurse, I will have to use methods to keep them calm and patient. Also, informing them about ways to keep their newborns healthy will be extremely important in order to keep their babies alive. As a nurse, I will be in close contact with the family of the infants, teaching them physically and emotionally. 

To sum up, my job as a neonatal nurse will be tremendously important. I will take care of critically ill newborns that will most likely grow up to be lawyers, doctors, teachers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and many other important roles of the state of Michigan. Also, I will be helping the mothers and fathers cope with their emotions as they frantically stagger through the hospital, waiting for an update on their child. I long to pursue a career where I will be able to help people and nothing is more rewarding than seeing the enormous smiles on the parents' faces as they hold their healthy child, ready to go back home and resume their life, knowing that their infant will someday grow up and make their own improvements to Michigan.