Justin W.


My degree in finance, accounting and business management will benefit and improve the state of Michigan in many positive ways. The financial sector contains firms that provide services to commercial and retail customers, which include investment firms, real estate, insurance companies, banks, etc. With the many job opportunities available in this sector, my college financial and business leadership programs, my overall academic success, my contributions to my community and school—I believe with my degree, ethnics and determination—I can help improve the state of Michigan from an economic, financially, motivational stand point.

From the economic point—when I graduate from Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) my first priority is to get employment in the state of Michigan; therefore, I can keep revenue in my state. Generating revenue is very important to the overall success of the Michigan’s infrastructure.

From a financial point—when I get employed in the state of Michigan, all my revenue will benefit and help improve Michigan, not to mention the unemployment rate. Banks, investment firms, insurance companies will thrive off my revenue, as well. The state of Michigan will benefit when I purchase a home or buy an automobile. 

From a motivational point—I can use my degree and success to vocally help motivate the younger generation to rise up, educate themselves, serve their communities and help make a difference as a citizen in this great state of Michigan. 

Saginaw Valley State Universities College of Business & Management is accredited by the AACSB-International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and this accreditation is the premier standard of achievement for business schools, because only the top 5% of all Business Schools worldwide are AACSB accredited. SVSU Business Schools partners with various organizations to help provide their students the most beneficial opportunities to complement their education and career. These organizations include; Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance, Great Lakes Bay Economic Club, Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce and Midland area Chamber of Commerce. SVSU set high standards for their undergraduate business students and that helps to push me to become a better student and better professional. With the help of all the professors, alumnus, business connections and community supporters I have the ability to excel at very high level.

Rama Yelkur is Dean and Professor of College of Business & Management at SVSU and she holds a doctorate from Mississippi State University. She has conducted corporate training internationally and has taught in France, Portugal, Spain and Vietnam. She has extensive consulting experience in Sports Marketing, Advertising and Sponsorship's with Kimberly Clark, NBC Universal, and the NFL. Her research has appeared in International Business Review, Journal of Advertising Research and Business Horizons among the few. Dean Yelkur is very actively involved the success of her students and she motivates every to their fullest potential. 

Therefore, with business knowledge I will recieve, my college connections, my support group, my overall academic success, my contributions to my community and school—I really believe with my degree, ethnics and determination—I can help improve the state of Michigan.