Joshua W.

How will my degree help Michigan? The answer is quite simple really. I am an active member of the community and I know that i will remain one for the rest of my life and as an adult with a degree in Aerospace engineering I will not only apply myself at work, but I will also be a mentor for the youth in my community. That community is the state of Michigan. As a youth I struggled with things in life and I could not anything that I enjoyed I t was not until I met an engineer and learned about the profession that I learned that this was my passion. So I met with this Engineer Mr.Greening and he helped me define myself, ultimately making me destined to be a productive member of society unlike before where I was unsure of doing anything with my life. Now I am Determined to earn my college degree and serve my country in the United States Air Force. When I am Done serving I will return to this state that has raised me and help raise the next generation to be even more successful then me.